“The Responsible Republican Party of Yes”

by Tim Condon

The game plan of the Democrats has always been to be "the party of yes." The problem is, they’re destructive. They win elections by promising government handouts, and then overspend and overtax. In the process, they destroy economies and kill competitiveness. This has happened on both the national and state levels. For an example of Destructive Democratic control of a state, see the GraniteGrok post below about California committing economic suicide. This is an example of the Destructive Democrats in action.

In New Hampshire the new Republican majority can become "the Responsible Republican Party of Yes" by proposing state constitutional amendments that will ensure safety from Destructive Democrat policies. The state GOP must ensure that New Hampshire enjoys LOWER taxes, LOWER spending, and MORE competitiveness…all of which result in a HEALTHER state economy.

How can Responsible Republicans do that? Read on….


The first job of the Republican majorities in New Hampshire is to fix the fiscal damage caused by the Destructive Democrats over the past four years. After that, they can present to the people of New Hampshire a series of state constitutional amendments designed to protect us from future destructive policies…from either party. Here are seven state Constitutional amendments designed to protect both the citizens of today and future generations:

1. Pass a state Constitutiional amendment permanently prohibiting any statewide income tax or sales tax. Other states have them. They protect the public against government greed. We should have one too.

2. Pass a state spending limitation amendment. Politicians in both parties have proven they ALWAYS want to spend more, even in bad economies. A state Constitutional amendment is needed to stop them.

3. Pass a state right-to-work amendment. Other states have them for the protection of working people, resulting in more open and dynamic private sector employment. Such amendments do not proibit unionization; but they do prevent forced unionization and other union abuses. We should have one too.

4. Prohibit public employee unionization. In 1919 President Calvin Coolidge said "There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, at any time." In 1937 President Franklin D. Roosevent said "A strike of public employees is unthinkable and intolerable." They were both right.

5. Prohibit public employees from being paid more and being given higher benefits than workers in the private sector. Government employment should never be allowed to become more attractive than employment in the private sector.

6. Pass a state Constitutional amendment requiring that fees for state services be set only to generate enough money to pay for the office involved. Special fees should not be "profit centers" for state government.

7. Permanently prevent the state from passing statewide education taxes or interfering with local town control of education. History teaches us that education is best controlled at the town level by parents and teachers, not by state education bureaucrats. We need to stop all state-level taxing and interference with both primary and secondary education.

By proposing and passing the above state constitutional amendments, the New Hampshire GOP can become the "Responsible Republican Party of Yes." In the subsequent campaign to ratify the Constitutional amendments, the people could be urges to "Be Responsible, Vote Yes," and to "Just Say Yes," and to "Vote Yes with the Responsible Republicans."

In this way, the economic disaster caused over the past four years by the Destructive Democrats could be prevented from happening to New Hampshire in the future.

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