Governor Rapes School Funding To Hide Budget Shortfall

Filling 'shortages'Again, we see the smoke clear over the wreckage of the Lynch budget.  In this mornings UL Tom Fahey reports on how the Legislative Fiscal Committee plans to pilfer half of the $41 million dollar federal educations stimulus meant to save teachers jobs and the minds of our future leaders.

They voted for a plan put forward by Gov. John Lynch to hold back $20.5 million to cover shortages in other areas of the budget.

Shortages in the budget?  What shortages?  We have shortages?  How do you have a so-called 70 million dollar surplus and still have shortages?

And where’s the media outrage about this massive money grab? Teachers, administrators and most importantly THE CHILDREN! will suffer. That’s SUFFER! you heartless, loathsome, uncaring politicians!

Where does Boo Hoo Hampster fall on this issue?  Why Isn’t Harrell Kirstain penning a scathing press release titled…

"Governor Rapes School Funding To Hide Budget Shortall !"

We’d be hearing about it 24/7 if we had a Republican Governor.  So is the self-editing silence because the idea came from a democrat who just ran for office claiming he had created a budget surplus?    Wouldn’t that be….hypocritical?

So now we have shortages? Nice of the newly re-elected governor to announce we have other shortages in his budget after lying about it for months.  No kidding we have shortages.  Took you until after election day to find them did it?

Did you happen to notice that we have more "shortages" than another $20 million in sugar daddy money from the feds can hope to cover?  And maybe you’ve discovered that we will still have those shortages in the next budget but without all the federal money to hide it?

Just remember why those shortfalls are there when the grown-ups take over and have to make cuts for liberal spending we never could afford in the first place.