Can Gene Chandler Salvage The Liberal Agenda?

by Steve MacDonald

Provocative title, yes?  Well before you complain about it ask yourself a question.  Why does Dean "Bob" Barker, and the leftistas prefer Chandler over O’Brien? 

"That the Dems, if unified, can play a role in preventing him [O’Brien]from being House Speaker, is good news.

Dean is part and parcel to the entire Buckley/Sullivan progressive fringe the voters just threw under the hopey-changey bus.  And now he finds some solace in the idea that with his parties help, Chandler could take the Speaker’s chair, and that’s good news.

Republicans need to understand that you were not elected to make deals with democrats.  You were elected to undo the damage they have done.  Electing a House speaker who is prepared to validate them or any part of their agenda before the session even starts sends a message contrary to the voters overwhelming rejection of that agenda.


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  • Grant

    This is ridiculous. Every Speaker candidate will go into the caucus pledging to support the winner on the floor. That’s why you choose a nominee in the caucus, rather than just take the election directly to the floor.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    Oh, and we’ve never had a fight like this before? No one has ever started a turf war in the GOP over the speaker’s job? DO tell?

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