Not Even A Passable Fraud

by Steve MacDonald

Matt has a nice post up at Red Hampshire revealing the disconnect between reality and the fantasy of Paul Hodes.  He provides us with a mid-debate tweet from the Hodes campaign…


Credit: Red Hampshire


…and then offers us the evidence that Hodes is lying about it by posting the AFT press release refuting Hodes.

This is all fine for what it is worth.   But what interests me more is that this tweet contradicts his own campaign focus and reveals the fundamental flaws of a liberal democrat like Paul Hodes.  These are not the words of any fiscal conservative I know.

First and foremost, we can see that the right of property is gifted to us not by our creator but by Hodes idea of the proper role of government.  Property, no matter how it is earned, may be subject to the whim of the ruling party.  The tax code exists to punish what the ruling class does not like.  It is not just for financing the necessary role of government, it is meant to modify human behavior.

This is a monarchical attitude towards the product of other people labor, a form of fiscal slavery that uses rules written by men like Hodes as the lash upon the backs of whomever displeases them most.  Rules that are not even predictable given the lefts willingness to treat the rule of law and the constitution with the same disdain as your property.  Rules that more often than not, do not even apply to the ruling class Hodes is a part of.

It also exposes the outright hypocrisy and stupidity of the man.  Nothing in recent history has done more to push jobs and investment offshore than the agenda of the current democrat majority.  But to suggest that taxing them more will keep them here are the ignorant rantings of a left wing party hack.

And as I pointed out above, these are not the words or ideas of a fiscal conservative.  No one who favors business growth or job creation thinks this way; it runs contrary to history and reality on the issue of job creation and the advancement of prosperity.  It puts paid to the deception Hodes has foisted upon New Hampshire, that he has been somehow transformed from some rubber stamp for the elitist left wing agenda just in time to run for the US Senate.  But we can see the lie in these few words.

These are the thoughts of a career liberal tax and spender, a central planner who believes that government should decide when and where to create jobs and on what terms, and that the tax code is a means to that end.

Hodes is a Fraud and tragically, not even a terribly good one.


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