By The Numbers

by Steve MacDonald

Have You seen how full of Sh*T I am?--It's all right here in this reportPaul Hodes is trying to restyle himself as a fiscal conservative.  As a Washington outsider.  But Washington outsiders don’t get huge campaign donations from the left wings senatorial elite Like Dan Inoyue, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez. Paul Hodes does.

Fiscal conservatives don’t manage to come in 45th out of 435 in 2010 earmark requests.  Hodes did, then played at fiscal prudence, calling for reform only after having racked up more earmarks than 390 other House members.

In 2008 Hodes took a 10,000.00 dollar contribution from American Crystal sugar–a business looking for a way to break into ethanol production without burdensome upfront costs–the same year Hodes passed masive Ethanol hand-out farm bill mandates which he voted for, then overrode a veto to make it the law of the land.

Mr Hodes has the distinction of being in congress and voting for a budget and spending that resulted in a 400 billion dollar deficit, then campaigning as if he had nothing to do with, and then voting to triple that deficit to 1.4 trillion in the very next budget.

If you can believe it…there’s more on the jump.

Paul Hodes says he never voted for Tarp, but he did.  He not only voted on rules to disperse the second 350 billion, he voted to take 80 billion in TARP that was paid back and spend it again on another do-nothing partisan stimulus.

Hodes spent more and created more debt in 18 months than the entire nation in it’s first 200 plus years.

Mr. Hodes voted to spend billions on cash for clunkers–a year later the auto industry is facing it’s worst sales month in decades, perhaps ever.

Mr. Hodes voted to spend billions on the home affordable mortgage legislation–a year later even more people are in foreclosure than before he wasted those billions.

Mr. Hodes spent billions on programs he called Jobs programs–to the point that all spending was justified as a jobs program yet a year later we are still at 9.6% unemployment, we have trillions in new debt, and a 6 million job deficit from the promises Hodes and democrats made when they passed the trillion dollar stimulus.

Mr. Hodes voted for Health care, then allowed the House to by pass a vote on the unpopular bill, basing his support on the need for improved access, lower costs, job creation and a savings to the deficit.  A year later, costs will be rising, access will be hampered, the cost will increase the deficit, and quality of care is at risk.

Mr. Hodes has been to fundraisers in foreign countries, and with lobbyists for BP and big energy, probably becasue the cap and trade bill he voted for was designed to enrich key leaders in the industry and did nothing for the environment.

Overall, it’s a sad state of affairs, but to put it in better perspective, we have this list provided from BY THE NUMBERS.  This is the legacy of leadership under people like Paul Hodes.


  • THEN: Unemployment In August 2008: 6.1. percent; 9.4 million unemployed Americans
  • NOW: Unemployment In August 2010: 9.6 percent; 14.9 million unemployed Americans

  • THEN: Average 2008 Government Compensation: $108,476; Private Sector: $69,928 
  • NOW: Average 2009 Government Compensation: $123,049; Private Sector: $61,051
  • THEN: Number of Homes Lost or Put Into Foreclosure In July 2008: 272,171
  • NOW: Number of Homes Lost or Put Into Foreclosure In July 2010: 325,222

The nation has been in decline since January 2007 when democrats took over congress.  Adding a democrat president only accelera
ted the decline.  So keeping Hodes in Washington can only make things worse–if you can even imagine what worse might be.

Paul Hodes is not an outsider, nor a fiscal hawk,  he is a tax and spender, a follower not a leader, and a liar who cannot run on anything he did in office for fear of being laughed out of office.

But then, that’s probably going to happen anyway.  But it would be nice if before he leaves, he could manage to be honest about who he is and what he did.

But don’t hold your breath

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