Another Biden Three Letter Word…Failure

Smells just like the health care bill, the bank bill, the...Underestimating, miscalculating, failing to anticipate, these are all excuses used by the democrats for a long caravan of failures that are more the product of blind trust by left-wing sheeple in the judgment of an administration that has been way over its head on every issue…since day one.

One of the biggest is the Stimulus.  Morgen Richmond over at Big Government has some actual numbers comparing the White House forecasts to actual Bureau of Labor figures over the last year. The point of course being that they sold you the all new 2009 Obama Stimulusmobile, (fashioned after the classics socialist economic models of the past) and it turned out to be a lemon just like it’s predecessors.

The affects should be far reaching.  Almost every air breather with a (D) not only bought the plan, they sold it as if their lives depended on it.  Not only were they stupid to believe it, they were wrong.  Way wrong.  So now they are pretending it worked.  Sure it did. 

Data and links on the jump.

(Click row headings for data source. Source-Morgen Richmond at Big

Jobs Created
Jobs Created
(2/2009 to 7/2010)
TOTAL 3,675,000 -2,629,700
Mining   26,000 -14,000
Construction   678,000 -862,000
Manufacturing   408,000 -660,000
Wholesale Trade   158,000 -173,900
Retail Trade   604,000 -288,900
Information   50,000 -161,000
Financial Activities   214,000 -321,000
Professional and Business Services   345,000 -246,000
Education and Health Services   240,000 +473,000
Leisure and Hospitality   499,000 -86,000
Other Services   99,000 -71,000
Utilities   11,000 -11,400
Transportation and Warehousing   98,000 -143,500
Government   244,000 -64,000

They were only off by five million.