The White Rose Society speaks out on militant Islam

by Tim Condon

This from Dr. Tom Lagreleius, of the American Academy of Private Physicians (an organization representing a way to start resolving the health care mess caused by government interference in the medical marketplace in America):

"Here is a link to an 8 minute video prepared by a Swedish group ‘The White Rose’ society discussing three things you should know about Islam. This society began in 1942 in Germany as a secret pamphleteering organization fighting Hitler’s Nazi government. I am not an expert on Islam, but I think it’s time for us all to objectively read the Koran keeping in mind that the entire book was written by one man with an evolving agenda over a relatively short time and is thus completely unlike Christian and Jewish sacred books written by dozens of people over hundreds or thousands of years with many different situations and agendas…. Religious tolerance is an axiom in America. But in Islam are we really dealing with just a religion, or something else entirely?"

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