Secret Squirrel Goes Public–Palin More Dangerous Dead

by Steve MacDonald

The Secret Squirrel EditionDemocrat Timmy "Secret Squirrel" Horrigan has followed Keith Halloran’s lead and stuck his little "Secret Squirrel" foot in it.  Now!Hampshire has the goods again, and once more we find Facebook coming back to haunt the left.

.. “dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one…she is all about her myth & if she was dead she cldn’t commit any more gaffes."

What did I say yesterday?  They all think this way.  They all feel this way.  They are full of hate and sometimes it squeaks out around the edges.  Now Tim has something to scrape off his shoe and the NHDP has another minor scandal on the heels of yesterday’s developments.

I admit that I am a bit surprised.  Tim Horrigan is probably the most prolific commenter over at Red Hampshire where–despite being a democrat–he spends a good deal of time and is tolerated for his otherwise reasonable commentary.  I always took him for being a good deal more cautious about what he says.  But I am not surprised he thinks this way about Palin.  You can’t hang out with liberals for very long without being poisoned by their deep seated prejudices.

So what’s on tap for tomorrow I wonder?   I can’t wait to find out.


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  • Steve

    Here’s a different quote from Horrigan…this time on DJ Bettencourt’ facebook page–“”ironically a dead Sarah Palin would’ve been much more of a problem for the left than the living one is. her myth has very little to do with anything she has ever said, done or accomplished. in fact, she isn’t actually DOING anything now. s…he doesn’t even SAY anything aside from “you betcha” and “mama grizzly.” all she ever accomplished was to help McCain blow the 2008 election. she’s just a blank wall on which some people project their hopes and some others, like the unfortunate Keith David Halloran, project their hatred.”” (Me–that’s the same excuse Obama uses when people say stuff about him. Interesting that Horrigan’s meaning here seems a bit different–maybe softer–than on Halloran’s page where the Now Hampshire quote comes from.)

  • Steve

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