Reagan Republican?

by Steve MacDonald

Sean Mahoney's Secret Identity

Sean Mahoney has a serious integrity problem.  He’s got this idea in his head that he can call himself a Reagan Republican.

"You know I first came to this party under Ronald Reagan."

Sean might have a hard time selling himself as a politically active teenager "to come to the party with Reagan" because unless I’m mistaken he wasn’t even old enough to vote until 1984, and by all accounts didn’t vote much after.  His voting history is rather spotty in the early years (and even the middle years), as is his political history, but I’m not sure it would matter.  If he ever came to the party of Reagan it was a one night stand because by 1990 he abruptly left all those principles he would like us to believe he still carries with him for the party of Kennedy, Kerry, Gore, and Clinton and stayed there.

By 1998 he had been immersed in the liberal water long enough to become a betting man, putting his money where his ideology was, actually donating money to Massachusetts liberal Scott Harshbarger.  This is important because most people who know what they believe do not usually donate to candidates, yet our Reagan Conservative–man of small government and low taxes–made four separate donations to a liberal democrat candidate who was diametrically opposite to anything Reagan ever believed; once in January 1998, again in late May, one in early September and again in late September of 1998.  So he not only supported him in the primary, he did so in the general as well.  So are we now to believe that at this point in his life he came to the party of….Ronald Reagan Jr?

If so what happened between September 1998 and April of 1999 when he broke out the checkbook for a RINO republican?  Did he see democrat Tony DiFruscia leave to become a liberal NH RINO Republican and think, that’s the life for me?

Or was he suddenly "tired and fed up with what was going on in Washington DC" with Clinton’s philandering and the succession of scandals that had wracked then President Clinton and the party he had just invested in?

We can only speculate. 

One thing we do know, Mr. Mahoney has a confusing history full of liberal affiliations and gaping contradictions.  He has flip flopped parties, and observed the demise of the Republican party in New Hampshire.  And his current advocates–or maybe a better word is hatchet men, are the failed NH GOP chairman Fergus Cullen who fiddled along side Mahoney while the State and National GOP burned beneath them, and failed moderate (Not of the party of Reagan) republican Jeb Bradley who had such a hard time with his FEC forms he actually got fined thousands of dollars for screwing them up.

Convincing advocates if you are running away from Reagan. But then, I think we can see that Sean Mahoney was never actually with Reagan to begin with.

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  • GetReal

    Here are the facts:
    As a state rep Frank Guinta voted repeatedly with the reckless Shaheen policies of higher taxes and spending.
    As Mayor Guinta only paid lip service to budget caps and lower taxes but signed budgets that led to more debt and higher taxes- we have had enough of the double talk!!!
    Frank Guinta signed his name to support cap & tax
    Frank Guinta has been a politicians for over a decade!!!
    What do you make of those? Or are you conveniently ignoring them?

  • mer

    I can make a hat, a brooch, a teradactyl.

  • Just me

    Facts speak. Guinta didn’t switch parties and support the enemy.
    Better to work ones way up through the grassroots than to walk in and try to buy the election.

  • Just me

    Facts speak. Guinta didn’t switch parties and support the enemy.
    Better to work ones way up through the grassroots than to walk in and try to buy the election.

  • Steven

    The Facts are simple. Sean Mahoney will do or say anything to get elected. How do you go from supporting Scott Harshbarger to RNC Committeman to being an outsider?

  • Huh?

    Yes exactly what I want someone that is a loyal Republican and will do exactly what John Boehner wants! Thats a great reason to vote for Frank Guinta- he will blindly support whatever his Republican party bosses tell him to.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    Talk about an integrity problem, how about “Getreal.” Getreal can’t seem to refute any of my claims in the post. In fact they never bring them up. Is that because you can’t? And how about the anonymous posting. That’s courage. Can’t address the content, can’t admit who you are, and you attack a candidate who is not even mentioned…sounds like you might work for Mahoney. Not that we could expect an honest answer if you did.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    Hey ‘Huh?” would you rather have the Main Street republican types like Jeb Bradley and Sean Mahoney? Those guys vote like C-Bass.

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