NH 9-12 Liberty Picnic – General John Stark Birthday Bash – Report Part 6: CAT and NRA

by Skip

Last Saturday, the Rochester and DOver 9-12 Project groups held a picnic at the Guppy Pool complex in Dover, NH. A number of speakers were there addressing the crowd. Two of these were Matt Murphy and Steve DeMascus.

Matt Murphy is a friend of mine; a long term activist who has served in a number of capacities in a number of advocacy groups.  He has just joined the NRA where he will helping to mobilize NRA members and other Second Amendment loving folks and inform them as to the Second Amendment leanings and history off the candidates in both NH First and Second Districts (one of the few States in which this is happening – this should tell you something about the current incumbents).

This is Steve DeMascus who owns a series of martial arts studios here in New England.  He is starting a new venture: Citizens Against Terrorism (CAT); listen up!

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