Mr. Mahoney’s Contradiction On The Right To Life

by Steve MacDonald

Ronald Reagan believed in the right to life.  Sean Mahoney, who makes the claim that he came to the Republican Party under Ronald Reagan (before he and his checkbook flirted with the democrat party) has this to say about life on his campaign site.

Sean Mahoney is pro-life and will work to protect the lives of the unborn when he is in Congress. In addition, Sean Mahoney will work to promote healthy, pro-life option to abortion, like adoption. Sean Mahoney believes every human life is sacred and that the federal government has a responsibility to protect those lives.

This seems like a solid enough statement, and Sean seems proud of this position but that’s all he has to say.  So can he back it up in principle?  Principle, if you remember was part of what he claims drove him to abandon his GOP committeeman position a few weeks before announcing his run for Senate–no wait, Governor–no that’s not it, I mean congress.  So can his pro-life claims be backed up on principle?

Let’s contrast that with something else Mr. Mahoney is proud of–his association with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF).  The Foundation does some good things, so it is probably something most anyone would be proud to be a part of.  Sean’s got it right there on his web site.

Sean believes strongly in giving back to his community and has served New Hampshire non-profits in a variety of capacities. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Piscataqua Charitable Foundation.

The Piscataqua chapter is the local name for the NHCF on the Seacoast and as I said the NHCF does do plenty of good, but like most groups or organizations, (even political organizations) sometimes they, or people in them, do some things that may violate your principles and you have to decide if you need to separate yourself from them, sort of the way Sean claims he had to separate himself from the role of Committeeman in the GOP. 

So given that metric, just how hard has citizen Sean Mahoney been working to promote healthy, pro-life options to abortion?  In fiscal 2008 the NHCF donated over $44,000.00 to Planned Parenthood of New England, and over $28,000.00 dollars to NARAL.

As of this writing, he’s still on the board of directors.

Can we then have any expectation that he would work to protect the lives of the unborn if elected to congress?

Should he have known that by association he has directly or indirectly sanctioned at least $72,000.00 dollars in donations to the abortion industry and it’s advocates?

How important is it to know who your foundation donates too?  It is usually critical if you are a donor with principles.  Is Mr. Mahoney a donor as well?

And how about as a member of a board of directors for part of the state? Should he have known given that kind of access that the NHCF supported the abortion industry in contradiction to his pro-life position?

And is Sean Mahoney really Pro-Life, or is this just another one of those flip-flops we are meant to ignore?

It’s in the public record.  It’s on Mr. Mahoney’s campaign site.  The voters deserve to hear an explanation.

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  • Hello Steve –

    I sincerely appreciate your rigorous attention to pro-life matters, even your exaggerated expose’ of Sean Mahoney’s connection with NH Charitable Foundation.

    Since you and GraniteGrok are apparently firmly in the Guinta camp, your focus on this matter is not surprising.

    I would hazard a guess that while you were still in High School, Sean Mahoney was out in the freezing January cold of Concord, elbow to elbow with hundreds of us pro-life activists at the annual March for Life sponsored by NH Right to Life. Since it was so bitterly cold (like minus 10 degrees!) during his first participation in roughly 2000, he saw fit to pay for and host an annual coffee break for us in a restaurant near the route for years and years afterwards. And as I recall Sean has been marching there on behalf of Moms and Babies pretty much every year since.

    While Frank Guinta was casting four (count ’em 4) pro-abortion votes (including votes against parental notification) Sean Mahoney was there in the trenches with us Marching, and at the lectern eloquently championing the right to life.

    I think I have a photo somewhere of Sean testifying in Concord in support of pro-life legislation too. Can anyone produce something similar from Frank Guinta?

    While Frank Guinta was Mayor in 2008 (not long ago!) endorsing pro-abortion Rudy Guiliani for President, Sean Mahoney was with the pro-lifers again. Remember that in a field of some 7 GOPers, Rudy was pretty much the only through-and-through pro-abortion-death-choice candidate in that NH Primary.

    If you check out the NH Right to Life Newsletter now in the mail (you subscribe, right?) and at, then you shall see a full page advertisement from Sean Mahoney, but nothing from Frank Guinta. How can that be?

    I conclude Frank Guinta is afraid of his current pro-life shadow. He is talking the talk now-a-days, but I have seen precious few examples of walking the talk.

    Back to your gotcha-gram about the NH Charitable Foundation. You asserted, “he’s still on the board of directors” yet I do not see him at the Director list on

    Instead, I only see him listed as one of ten people on the Advisory Board over in Piscataqua per

    Consequently, I conclude you have immensely exaggerated his ability to influence the direction NHCF money has been woefully flowing. To be sure it is wrong for NHCF to be involved in that blood money, so a tip of the hat to you today. If he stays on that Advisory Board, I am comfortable knowing Sean Mahoney will strive to eliminate that funding, and probably has been trying.

    Meanwhile, Steve, Ronald Reagan should not be used as the epitome of saintly pro-life Republican principles. He’s the guy that gave us Sandra Day O’Connor on SCOTUS. You’re probably too young to recall her, but she cast dozens of votes that kept the blood flowing from millions of babies who would now be about your age, perhaps even your friends.

    Finally, candidates come and candidates go, but we pro-lifers need to overcome the wedges they bring between us because desperate moms keep enduring the Choice shoved in their face, and babies keep dying. Therefore, when this election season is over, I hope far more genuine pro-lifers shall frequent the pro-life events, testify on legislation, directly support the CPCs, and earnestly pray for an end to this horror.

    Best regards, and His Peace to you,

    Ed Holdgate
    Former NH Right to Life President

  • Steve Mac Donald

    Thanks for the input Ed. You seem willing to speak for Sean and that’s great. You make excellent points but they do not resolve the contradiction and the object of my post. How does this man of principle–particularly based on your added input–sanction his past and ongoing involvement with a Foundation that funds NARAL and PP?

    A few points if I may.

    My “gotcha-gram,” as you put it, turns entirely on the words of Mr. Mahoney himself, immortalized in the body of the text above,(which you seem to have overlooked) along with a link to the actual web page––on which Sean states…

    “”He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Piscataqua Charitable Foundation.””

    Am I wrong to have taken him at his word because this is what links him to the contradiction. It is a contradiction complicated by claiming to have left his committeeman position because the party was not operating in line with his ideas. If he is not on the baord he is being deceptive. If he is, he should be having a conflict of conscience. That is exactly the point I am addressing and which remains unanswered.

    As to the matter of Mr. Guinta, the Grok endorsed him, but I do not speak for him or his campaign, I speak for me. But it has been my understanding that he was thoroughly vetted by Kevin Smith at Cornerstone, and some other pro-family pro-life groups which is part of the reason we endorsed him. I am following up given the current claims from 2001 and 2002, but I do not expect to get a different answer. If I do you can read about it here.

    Next. In perhaps the enthusiasm of the moment you made some implications based on age and what was happening in the year 2000. For the record, when I entered High School, Sean was probably entering the sixth grade. And in 2000 I welcomed my third child–my daughter Kathryn–and was working 12-16 hour days to keep them housed and fed, and more importantly to make sure they were being raised by their mother and not some day care center.

    In closing, we are certainly in agreement that life is precious and sacred and that we need to strive to protect it.

    Thank you for the blessings Ed. May we live to see better days.

  • Concerned Pro-Lifer

    Frank Guinta’s multiple votes in favor of abortion are not only troubling but a disqualifying position in my book.
    It seems that the poster, Steve, seems concerned that Sean Mahoney is one member of nearly 70 board members that the NH Charitable Foundation has but seems totally unconcerned that Frank Guinta voted multiple times for abortion.
    Mr. Mac Donald do you have any proof that Sean voted in favor of these so called grants?
    We have proof that Frank voted for partial birth abortion and even voted AGAINST parental notification.
    If your goal is to sling mud to muddy the political water that is your perogative Mr. Mac Donald but if you are actually concerned with abortion as an issue you would re-consider this post.

  • Bill Rothschild

    Anyone concerned about abortion should read the following article about the Frank Guinta’s record on abortion.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    You all continue to miss the point. Risk of guilt by association was Sean’s stated reason for stepping down from the GOP committeeman position–he claims he did not agree with things the leadership was doing with GOP resources. He stepped down, and he is using that as political capital to demonstrate he is a principled outsider.

    He is also using his “being on the board of directors” of NHCF as political capital, yet we have several examples where (even in the absence of any proof of personal votes) the leadership is donating Foundation resources to things he claims he is against.

    You see the parallel?

    He can’t stay on the board and claim ignorance of complicity in abortion funding given that his principled departure from the GOP position was based on how they were spending money on things he did not approve of.

    Let me give you some free advice. What I have just laid out makes him either a hypocrite or a liar. If your only cover is to ignore this contradiction and point fingers, the issue remains unresolved and you look like you are hiding something.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    I read it Bill, this morning, and I addressed that in my response to Ed a few inches up the page. Maybe you missed it?

    So riddle me this? If I get confirmation from Kevin Smith at Cornerstone or anyone else in the pro-family/marriage/life arena that they have vetted Guinta on this and related issues, and do not have any problem with supporting him now,(Remember how people can change; Sean did donate money to a progressive liberal didn’t he and you’d like us to believe he has changed), will you curse them as charlatans and baby killers?

    And will Sean still be associated with a leadership team at NHCF that gives buckets of money to NARAL and Planned Parenthood against his better judgement?

  • Bill Rothschild

    Steve I rely upon my own research to make my decision on which candidates to support. I do not just take the word of some third party.
    Your guilt by association is a huge stretch. Frank repeatedly voting the pro-abortion line is not a stretch.

  • Pro-Life

    I was at the meeting where Frank was vetted on his record. There was 50 pro-life leaders there. Most of them now support him. Sean is not just guilty by association. He supported Scott Harshbarger. You can’t get much more pro-choice than that.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    It’s not even kind of a stretch.

    You want to talk about a stretch? You are happily making hay over four votes eight years ago,which assumes that there are no extenuating circumstances–have you read all the dockets and house reports related to the vote, committee reports, amendments, or are you just making your decision based on what some other party said the vote meant? (I believe the author Millerick has connections to Mahoney so “third party” would be a stretch in the case of your source.)

    And are you prepared to state that regardless of that answer to the above question that a candidate or a person cannot shift or change their position over a number of years based on new information? That more recent actions or statements are always invalidated by past ones? That’s a nice little trap you’ve set for Mr. Mahoney, I hope he appreciates it?

    And are you arguing that Sean can sit on a board of a Foundation (while using that position for political capital)and not know that they are paying tens of thousands a year for abortions or abortion activism which he finds morally objectionable; and if you declare him reasonably unaware, how do you make a responsible case for sending someone that clueless to DC?

    Pick your poison Bill, I can do this all night.

  • Huh?

    What is Shawn Millericks connection? I know of none.
    I do know that Granite Grok has endorsed Frank so its biased.

  • Steve Mac Donald

    Now Hampshire is an organ of Hynes communications. Hynes is on Mahoney’s payroll. Until the primary is over nothing posted there that attacks Mahoney’s opponents can seriously be considered unbiased.

    Besides, If the author can claim that Guinta can’t have evolved despite having prominent pro-life people as county co-captains,or pro-family endorsements, then neither can Sean have evolved away from his democrat donor past. I can work with that.

  • Skip

    I was also at that meeting that Pro-Life mentioned – we grilled him for over 2 hours. I was, and continue to be, quite satisfied with his answers on this issue – and so were, as Pro-Life stated, all the other attendees.

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