He Went To Do Good And Stayed To Do Well

by Steve MacDonald

Anyone know were I can find the Tea Party?The saying is that "he went to Washington to do good and stayed to do well" and the first name that popped into my mind was Charlie Bass.  C-Bass epitomizes this ruling class cultural maxim.  He promised you term limits then changed his mind.  He became a Main Streeter, moderate fence sitters who abandoned principle for the lure of getting along in a place and a culture with a leftward tilt.  And after he was ousted from office he didn’t come back to New Hampshire to help the GOP or to find a way to contribute politically to the state, he entered the revolving door, working with lobbyists and consultants, keeping his feet close to theDC fire. 

And now, depsite there being two more than capable citizen candidates vying to represent New Hampshire Republicans in congressional district two, Charlie ‘term limits’ Bass is running again.  Why?  He’s addicted to the ruling class and he suspects that the two GOP candidates to his right will split the primary vote and he can float to the nomination in a year when disgust with any democrat could be all he needs to win a seat back at the big table.

He went to Washington to do good, but he stayed to do well.

Note: There are those who will defend C-Bass.  Check their credentials.  They may be part of (or want to be part of) the Ruling class as well.


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  • Mike Rogers

    Or, as I have been saying for about 4 years (Back when C-Bass was bragging about earmarx in his newsletters): “When given the choice between an imitation Democrat and a real one, people prefer a real one!”
    This is the year of the outsider, and as much as Charlie tries to talk like an outsider, he can’t quite pull it off.
    At a conservative event right after the healthcare debacle was passed, and the man in the street was outraged, Charlie’s answer to “Can this be repealed?” was “You can’t unpeel an onion”!?!?!
    At a time when the establishment of both parties (see the article in Spectator about the ruling class) is increasingly uncomfortable that they might actually have to deal with (shock, horror, oh, the rubes!) citizen legislators, we want to be sure to send them true representatives of “We, the People”, not reinforcements. (or is that RINOforcements?)
    Yeah, I’ll help Charlie if he’s the last man standing, which is why he probably still tries to smile and greet me when we cross paths, but first I’ll work to send someone better – Jennifer Horn’s the one for me.

  • Steve

    I’ve endorsed Horn but more to the point I’m un-endorsing Bass. Of course it’s not my district, but it still affects my state and my country. C-Bass must not win the primary.

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