Frank Guinta – Did the 17th Amendment weaken or strengthen the Founders vision of a proper Republic?

by Skip

Last Saturday after the Rochester 912 Project Republican NH CD-1 debate, I had the chance to do another in the series of GraniteGrok’s "Micro-Interview".  This time, the question was, after getting a reminder of their answer on "Repeal the 17th Amendment?", was

"Did the 17th Amendment weaken or strengthen the Founders’ vision of a Republic with an emphasis on States’ sovereignty?"

Or, at least as close to that as possible was the intention.  My problem is that this was my 4th question in line (i.e., the 3rd backup question) and created on the fly as my first 3 questions were "used" (either partially or in toto) during the debate (yup, these Rochester 912ers are smart cookies!).  Thus, apologies to the Candidates if I wasn’t exactly the same in posing the question.

Also, I failed to get to Peter Bearse before he left.

These short "micro-interviews" are presented in order that the Rochester 912 debate attendees would:

If the election were held today, who would you vote for:   
Ashooh 24; Bearse 2; Bestani 9; Guinta 40; Mahoney 19

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