Blue Star Mom takes Carol Shea-Porter to task

by Skip

I went to the Laconia, NH Town Hall held by Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) – I think it should have been labeled "Carol’s healthcare apology tour" as she is still trying to "sell" this bill to the public.  But that is for a later time (videos to come).

A Blue Star Mom (a Mom with a son or daughter in the military) was not a happy camper at that Town Hall meeting.  She asks Shea-Porter if she would file a bill that would change the DUSTWIN status (Duty Station Whereabouts Unknown) back to the Geneva Convention terminology of POW/MIA.  A filibuster ensues by Shea-Porter, with no answer given ("we’ll correspond").  The Mom then berates CSP for lack of help (didn’t even return her call) in getting her Navy son home when his grandmother died.  She then turned to NH Senator Judd Gregg, whose efforts got the job done.  Typical CYA by CSP ensues.

Yes, that was me at the end as I started to ask, as a Blue Star Dad (the Youngest deploys to Afghanistan in a couple / few more weeks for a year tour) to follow up on the Blue Star Mom’s unanswered request "Will you file a bill?" when I got cut off (thanks to Bill the Truckdriver for some moral support!).

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