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How many permit-holders use guns to commit crimes?

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A quick take from a post over at American Thinker by Chuck on Concealed Carry in Arizona.

  • 56 deaths (The Violence Policy Center – in the US between 5/2007 & 4/2009 [in a study that has been highly criticized -Skip])
  • 1 in 10,000,000 -(your chances of being gunned down by a CCW permit-holder in AZ

How does dying at gunpoint stack up against other ways to go?

  • 1 in 6,061,000 (death by lightening, or 28% greater than by a CCW holder)
  • 1 in 18,700 (death by food poisoning, or a 400-times-better shot at killing you with over-the-hill thousand-island dressing in the restaurant than by a CCW holder)


  • Law-abiding Americans brandish handguns in 2.5 million defensive incidents a year — once every 12½ seconds.
  • In most cases, a gun’s mere appearance settles a brewing conflict.
  • The National Center for Policy Analysis found that major crime plunges when law-abiding citizens carry concealed handguns.
  • The same NCPA study, covering every American county, found that murders dropped by 8.5 percent, while rapes and serious assaults fell up to 7 percent in states with licensed concealed carry.
  • Estimate: if other instituted liberal (heh – I get to use that word in a GOOD way!) CCW laws, 1,570 murders, 4180 rapes, and over 60,000 aggravated assaults would not happen each year.
  • The National Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of studies and found not "a single gun regulation that reduced violent crime or murder."

Why bring this up?  The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (which really should be named The Brady Campaign to Make It All But Impossible For Free Citizens To Purchase Even A Cap Gun) pushed out a study that showed that the northernmost states in New England had horrible gun restrictions:

  • NH – 9 out of 100
  • VT – 8 out of 100
  • ME – 11 out of 100 

So, that should mean that gun violence is rampant – "it’s the Wild Wild West with shootouts all over the place!!!".  Er, not so fast, kimosabe.  In fact, the opposite seems to be true.  My friends Chan and Brent over at Weekend Pundit had a couple of posts on this topic:

Chan states: But one thing the Brady campaign has chosen to ignore: crime rates in those states as compared to the laxity of their gun laws.

He also points this out – where to get the stats on the actual gun crime rates:

Hmm, last I checked, there was less gun deaths in those scoring lowest as to highest (NH is #8 lowest for [percent] by population with a 6.1 versus 10.2 US average). Oh look, as of 2008, NH was the second lowest in murders at 50 (out of 51) versus California being a 12 (51 is lowest, 1 is highest on the scale). Also, last I checked, pointy objects were the cause of as many deaths as guns in NH (4 a piece with general beating deaths just behind at 3).

Brent has this:

David Hardy of Arms and the Law Blog writes, "A good correlation: the worse your Brady grade, the lower your homicide rate." Yep.

True!  Look at Britain – the most restrictive gun laws around (think of them as a "big state") and far higher gun crime rates than NH, VT, or ME.  The wrong premise, also, that the Brady folks, or any folks wishing to restrict guns, do is to focus on the object rather than on the person.

And as the ‘Grok as stated over and over and over again, we believe that the internal "governors", often instilled by the absolute values taught by traditional and religious values, focus on personal values first.  What the Brady Center believes is that we cannot be trusted to behave responsibly with things that can be dangerous if used improperly.

I am thankful that I live in NH – and I get to agree with Chan on these definitions:

Gun Control (New Hampshire Dictionary): Hitting what you’re aiming at.

Gun Registration (New Hampshire Dictionary): 1.) Making sure the trailer you use to haul your gun collection is registered. 2.) Ensuring your scope is aligned properly so your round goes where it’s supposed to at 500 (or 1000) yards.

I also like this anecdote:

Young man from NY decides to make a trip to Texas figuring that those rednecks will be easy pickings.  Once there, he decides that he is both hungry and low on cash, so he decides to fix the most pressing need.  He stopped at a small coffee shop, walked up to the cashier, pulled out his pistol, and demanded all her money.

In the background, however, he heard a funny sound right after leveling the barrel – lots of clicks. He quickly turned around and realized his mistake of not ordering breakfast first.

If he had, he would have noticed the local "redneck" group of well dressed members of the local sportsman group exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights. 

Yes folks, that fool thought the no one else would have a gun.

After all, in Texas also got the same rating as NH by the Brady Campaign.

"A well armed society is a polite society"; I think it is a truism  And yes, I do not mind if some dirtbag becomes a Darwin Award winner either…