STEWARD of Prosperity CHOWDAHfest – more video

by Skip

I had the chance to play with the newest gadget – the FLIP camera while at the STEWARD of Prosperity Chowdahfest.  Once again, I gotta get one of these for a better picture AND learn to better check the unfilled capacity of the camera while doing longish type of events.  Lighting (as you can see in the video of the potential candidates) – I can’t control.  C’est la, but enjoy anyways!

One of the sites that I go to everyday for all things politics here in NH is James Pindell of  I captured him for a few minutes and got his thoughts concerning the event:

Next, I cornered Shaun Doherty, a young Republican member of the NH House of Representatives on some of his thoughts:

As the videos get processed by and, I’ll be putting up the video of the candidates.

Sean Mahoney:

Ovide Lamontagne:

Kelly Ayotte:

Jim Bender:

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