Hodes: I believe it’s important to be open and accessible”

by Doug


Here’s a video showing NH’s 2nd Congressional District representative Paul Hodes taking heat before and after press conference for not allowing constituents accessibility in an open town hall style meeting. With the canned response obviously stuck in his head, the hard to find Democratic Congressman claims he has "spoken to thousands of constituents in a variety of forums." Yeah right. Just ask some of his constituents who were told at the beginning of the recess he was going to hold many forums. Now, still waiting, they are told they somehow missed them all.

Incredibly, Hodes told the gathered interested citizens and reporters that he believes "it’s important to be open and accessible and" he "always has been and always will be" just prior to turning his back and walking away from a woman he obviously didn’t want to speak to.

The joke’s on us, I guess, for electing clowns like this…

Joker Hodes

[With apologies to the Joker]

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  • He could have a town hall in every town he represents and cover all the people in his district if he really wanted to sell his constituents on HR 3200. I just hope voters remember this bs come next November.

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