Guinta vs Shea Porter. What a difference a day makes!

by ambanfield

Frank Guinta  Carol Shea Porter

Guinta waves the 1000+ pages of the Democrat proposal to nationalize healthcare. Carol Shea Porter accepts the mindless adulation of her comrades.

On Saturday I attended Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter’s town hall meeting in Manchester.  Last night I attended the town hall meeting in Exeter with her opponent, Mayor Guinta.

What a striking difference between Saturday and Monday.

First let me start by saying, I don’t believe for a minute, CSP would have scheduled a town hall meeting if Mayor Guinta hadn’t scheduled one first. 
Saturday’s meeting was scheduled at 11:00am yet word got out that we should arrive around 8:00am to make sure you were guaranteed a seat.  I wondered, is this a NH Congresswoman or the Pope?  Would she be meeting with her constituents or gracing us with her presence? 
With only an HOUR to ask questions of the Holy one, oops, I mean Congresswoman CSP, and with CSP taking up 20 minutes of that hour to sell us on how awful the insurance companies are, a rare few individuals were able to ask a question.  We were limited to 2 minutes and people like me were denied the opportunity to follow up our original question with facts that contradicted her answer. 

I did get to ask a question of CSP, thanks to the generosity of the man sitting next to me.  After CSP mislead everyone at the meeting on tort reform in Texas, he knew I had information that contradicted what she had just said to a woman who questioned her on cutting healthcare costs.  His ticket was pulled and he let me go up and confront her on her misleading information. (You can view the Youtube here— see this exchange starting approx 2:45) The Union Leader did a nice op-ed on this in today’s paper, as well.

In stark contrast, Mayor Guinta’s town hall meeting was open to as many people who showed up. We were "allowed" to ask our questions without any time constraints and we didn’t have to HIT the LOTTERY in order to ask a question.
Mayor Guinta took questions for the first hour then decided to extend his meeting another hour to accommodate the others who still wanted to raise concerns or ask a question. 
At the end of the second hour, it was time to end the meeting, however he again graciously told the crowd he would remain in the hall and those who still wanted to talk to him, could do so. 
This is a difficult issue to tackle.  Mayor Guinta spoke well and showed he knew this subject well.  I think those who are truly looking for answers, had many answered last night, minus the "sales pitch" we got from CSP.
I hope people will scan for a video of this meeting.  I went with a great deal of knowledge on this issue yet I walked away learning so much more.  I don’t think anyone learned anything at Carol Shea Porter’s meeting other than, she talks down to her constituents and she’s willing to mislead us in order to sell her product.
Whether you are for or against this legislation, one thing we all need to think about is this: currently we have a wonderful insurance plan provided to us through our employer.  They pay about 12% towards our premiums and we pay a monthly premium as well.  IF this legislation passes, it will give the company the opportunity to drop our insurance and pay the 8% tax which would force us into the govt. health care option.  Does anyone actually think all of these companies will pass on cutting their insurance costs? 
Yes we will all be forced into a government run healthcare program.  It will run as efficiently as every other government program which means it will be a disaster.  Are there solutions to some of the problems with "COSTS" in healthcare?  Absolutely!  Mayor Guinta touched on some of those solutions at his meeting.
Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Brown once said of the government: "They will break your leg than hand you a crutch and tell you…see we fixed it!"

When will we learn from the many mistakes of the past?

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  • This is pure nonsense and propaganda. In point of fact, most of the people who were at Frank’s meeting were his supporters. There were very few “civilians’ at this meeting. His meeting was just as stacked as CSP’s.
    I know because I was there at the Town Hall and met everyone coming in – as did two of my volunteers. We saw very few faces that we have not seen dozens of time now.
    If Frank really wants to show how smart and knowledgeable he is he will face me in a debate on the issues – something he has steadfastly refused to do.
    Give us all a break!

  • Hey Anne Marie,
    Here’s my videos of the Guinta event (you appear in the fourth video):
    Guinta Town Hall Exeter, NH Part I
    Guinta Town Hall Exeter, NH Part II
    Carl Tomanelli’s revenge against Shea-Porter
    Candidate Guinta answers education question at Exeter, NH Town Hall
    Future Guinta constituent speaks from the heart
    Your description of both events is exact. Unfortunately, Bestani has an ax to grind. If he’d spend time promoting his own ideas and not trying to attack Guinta, who has obviously performed like the ideal future representative here, he might have more people listen to him. Guinta clearly has the higher ground over both Shea-Porter and Bestani and he should keep up the good work.

  • Ann Marie

    Bob, that’s SOUR grapes and we know it. Guinta’s townhall meeting was open to anyone who came. I’m a mom who cares about the education in this state. I wasn’t “PAID” to attend and I wasn’t invited by anyone. I read about the townhall meeting on the Tea Party web site. I’m not paid, I’m a NH citizen and a constituent in this district. The people of this district ARE speaking! They aren’t being paid and they aren’t part of a union who only cares about furthering their selfish goals. We the citizens of NH are looking out for what’s best for THIS COUNTRY! Socialism IS NOT the best thing for this country and we will continue to raise our voices! We don’t have to be paid or protect our crooked union bosses! We simply care about the direction of this country and keeping it in the hands of the people and OUT of the hands of the Federal Govt. If you don’t realize this, then you are as OUT of touch as CSP. It’s time to put down your partisan hat and stand up for PRINCIPLES instead of party lines! We are taking back this country from the socialists and I suggest getting out of our way!

  • Bob Bestani

    Sorry, but I never said they were paid to attend. All I’m saying is that they hoopla over holding a town meeting was way over done, with most of the attendees being party activists.
    I’ve been holding town hall meetings for months (Derry, Newmarket, Moultonboro, etc.) now without making such a big deal over the fact. Beyond this, I’ve written any number of articles on healthcare and other topics. Please see my web site

  • Bob Bestani

    Sorry, but I never said they were paid to attend. All I’m saying is that they hoopla over holding a town meeting was way over done, with most of the attendees being party activists.
    I’ve been holding town hall meetings for months (Derry, Newmarket, Moultonboro, etc.) now without making such a big deal over the fact. Beyond this, I’ve written any number of articles on healthcare and other topics. Please see my web site

  • Ann Marie

    Did you attend CSP’s townhall meeting on Saturday and have to wait an hour or two in the rain just to get a seat? Then sit there only to be denied a chance to ask a question? Or for the rare few who HIT THE LOTTERY, be denied a follow up remark because she didn’t want to hear your facts that contradicted what she stated? (TX tort reform)
    People were ANGRY and rightly so. CSP attempted to SILENCE her opposition. Yes, she did pull those tickets in a fair manner, but many were still denied their voice. Many were denied access to the venue while her paid union thugs who didn’t live in the district were taking up seats.
    We go to a town hall meeting where we don’t have to wait in line to get in, anyone can come, you don’t have to hit the lottery to ask a question, and we didn’t get a sales pitch from a snake oil salesman! Yes, we ARE appreciative.
    Once they choose to silence you, you appreciate your ability to speak even more!
    You say those attending were party activists? What party? Quite frankly I tend to believe most people showing up are disgusted with both parties! I know I am.
    You continue to project what you “THINK” and refuse to listen. That will be a problem for you as a candidate.
    The fact is, people of all parties are rejecting a govt take over in health care. People who never were involved in politics are getting up off the couch and voicing their opposition to socialism!
    Until you come to grips with that reality, you will have a tough time leading any campaign!

  • Frank’s event was open to all…. if 400 pro Obamacare supporters had shown up they would have been let in until the room could hold no more.
    The meeting wasn’t ‘stacked’ — there was no RSVP, no shakedowns, and no thugs standing at the door.
    Quite different from CSP’s meetings I’d say.
    Also I’m sure if Frank is asked for a debate he will gladly have one. He is not an avoider.

  • Ann Marie

    FOR THE RECORD: Because Bob chose to post his assumptions that this piece was propaganda by a Guinta supporter, let me set a few facts straight.
    I’ve met Mayor Guinta a couple of times at political events, although I doubt he knows my name. I’ve never given a DIME to any of his campaigns, this one included. I have never voted for him because I do not reside in Manchester. I’ve never worked on any of his campaigns.
    I noted my views on what took place at two town hall meetings. Did I expect Mayor Guinta’s to go better than CSP’S? Of course,it certainly seems as if the candidates who oppose this drastic socialist bill are having it easier than the socialists who support it. No surprise there. However, I reported what I saw. NOT as a paid supporter, not as a union thug, not part of any organized effort, but simply myself.
    Since no one asked me or my neighbor if we were “civilians” I’m not sure how anyone can assume the people who attended were just his “supporters”.
    Bob made a judgement call that was completely off the mark. The gentlemanly thing to do at this point would be to simply apologize for the mistake.

  • I spoke with Bob prior to the event and asked him if he was going inside, and he told me “no.” Then I read that he’s upset with Guinta for not debating him. We’ll never know, now, but my guess is, had Mr. Bestani gone inside the Town Hall meeting and put his hand up, he would have been called upon. But, why bother when you can just continue to complain to the media that Guinta refuses to debate him. I have video of the event and spent a lot of time observing the crowd. Some of the top-dog Dem/lib/socialist paid activists WERE there, as were many of the same folks I saw at the CSP event in Portsmouth a few days earlier. “Frank’s supporters?” Maybe. Or maybe they are just involved people taking advantage of the forums provided. If Bob holds forums and they’re not reported upon or well attended, then that’s Bob’s problem– one that needs to be fixed if he is to get his campaign beyond the starting gate. Sour grapes and whining NEVER sits well with THIS conservative voter from the 1st District.

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