I do believe that the dear boy has had his pwor lil’ fweelings hurt…

by Skip

<sound of big sobbbb><Patting on the back><offering a Kleenex>

Man up, there Mike!  Life’s not all that bad – remember, all those anger hormones are gonna do bad things for your mellow! 

From the seemingly "frothing at the fingertips" Mike Brunelle, the Executive Directory of the NH Democrat Party comes a Presser that seems just a tad heavy on the adjectives and WAY light on the thinness of his skin as he is complaining about the opposition to the Democrat attempts to completely nationalize our healthcare system.  Or, may I say it, a much lesser capable example of the normal Dem attack dogs, Buckles and Kathy Sullivan? Anyways, let us examine this literary gem, shall we, as he demonstrates the level of his own anger even as he accuses others of the same?

Radical Right Wing Groups Continue to Harass Constituents and Congressional Staff
NHDP calls on intimidation tactics to stop immediately

Press Release

CONCORD–Encouraged by both the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition, which is comprised of multiple radical right wing groups,

Radical…hhmmm, radical.  Let’s see, radical? Let’s examine a few of the 26 groups listed at the NH TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Coalition:

  • Americans For Prosperity – community organizers – you know, like Obama used to do (and self-admitted, failure at it…and didn’t do much as a state senator, nor as a US senator….is there going to be a pattern here?) that wants to teach people about economics.  Oh, they are for smaller government…that RAD, man! Or is letting people earn & keep more money they’ve earned a radical idea to you?
  • Christian Home Educators of NH – teaching kids with a religious philosophy.  Seems lately that kids taught at home are outperforming those in the public schools…that’s a radical result all right! Hey Mike, is being a Christian radical too?
  • Coalition of NH Taxpayers (and Granite State Taxpayers, New Hampshire Advantage Coalition) – all organizations that want to allow hard working people to keep their money that they have sweated hours and hours to earn!  Mike, don’t you want to see people have more money??  This is like, well, letting Government giving rebates to its customers – isn’t that a good thing?  Sorta like a frequent flyer program (fly more, get more back)?
  • Concord Republicans, NH Republican Women – oh yes, those absolutely nasty folks – unless like the Maine ladies, or Arlen Spector who joined you (or wait, it seems like the PA Dems don’t like him much anymore either – even Dems want to replace him) and vote like you, they’re just not nice people.  Gee, I guess all Republicans are mean, just like this guy – I know you wouldn’t like him, Mike! But don’t you like women banding together to do nice things?
  • Cornerstone Policy Research – working to protect NH Families.  Gee, if Mike is against these guys, he much not like NH families much either (ooh, that WOULD be a radical idea: pro-family!)
  • NH TEA Party Coalition – well, there is that group.  They are also trying to get individuals better educated and taking self-responsibility for themselves – a VERY radical idea for the Democrat Party – people taking care of themselves and not needing to be dependent upon Government – and to vote out politicians that won’t allow them to do that!  Mike – I thought that voting your conscience was patriotic – it isn’t anymore?
  • Granite State Patriots – here’s what they say they were: "established with the main purpose of supporting our Troops" – Mike, don’t you like our troops?  Are you anti-military?
  • NH Liberty Alliance , Republican Liberty Alliance – educating voters about their Legislators and if they vote more for increasing Freedom and Liberty.  Mike, isn’t freedom the highest ideal of being an American?  Didn’t we have the Revolutionary War to win more Liberty from an oppressive government?  Mike, please don’t tell me that Freedome and Liberty are radical ideas – please no!
  • New Hampshire Right To Life – Mike, does this mean you think killing babies is NOT a radical idea?  Oh Mike, that’s a sad philosophy to hold….freedom to kill babies?  They’re just so darn cute – and precious.
  • National Right To Work – they want to see people gainfully employed, on their own terms.  Mike, don’t you want to see people supporting their families?  After all, it used to be that living off society forever was a radical idea – not any more?
  • NH Firearms Coalition – Mike, you know, that if individual families and people didn’t have guns way back when, we would have never beaten the Redcoats.  Now, I know that we don’t have Redcoats anymore (at least those that are fashion faux pas), but sometimes there are people, like some in Government, that just want to take peoples’ money away from them.  I’m too old to do martial arts anymore – so on the idea of "work smarter and not harder", letting that trigger finger do all the work allows the rest of me to relax!  Smarter, not harder! And it is in the Constitution – you DO like the Constitution, right?
  • NH 9/12 Project – Mike, that Glenn Beck is just a comedian, right? OK, maybe you aren’t into funny all that much, but how could you be against these?
  • America Is Good.
  • I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.   
  • I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.
  • The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.
  • If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.
  • I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.   
  • I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.   
  • It is not un-Amer
    ican for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.
  • The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.
The 12 Values: Honesty, Reverence, Hope, Thrift, Humility, Charity, Sincerity, Moderation, Hard Work, Courage, Personal Responsibility, Gratitude

Mike, don’t you agree that these are NOT radical ideas to hold?

  • NH Reagan Network – Now, leaving aside that they prefer President Reagan over President Obama (hey, we all have our favs, right?) they’re community organizers – a GREAT thing, eh Mike: people banding together for a common goal – hey, Obama did that in South Side for 4 years (oh yeah, he gave up, didn’t he)?
  • Seacoast Liberty – self described Liberty lovers (seems to be a theme running through all these groups) – Mike, you love liberty: freedom to choose; EGADS, MIKE – You’re not in favor of SLAVERY ARE YOU?  Oh, Mike, THAT’S not radical – it’s downright repressive!
  • National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies – they LOVE the Constitution just the way it is – the second best document in the world (but I’m biased, being a Christian, there’s another document that is first in my heart); pray tell, Mike,  revering the Constitution – that’s not a radical idea, is it?
  • The Patriot Pastor – a man of the cloth, keeping alive the sentiments and wisdom of the Founding Fathers – Mike, such as this is radical?

Community Organizers and Educator all – and Mike, isn’t that a GREAT THING?  After all, isn’t the BEST one ever now the head of your Party?  Isn’t it neat that we all are trying to emulate HIS WONESS?

Hmm, I guess I’ve gone long….I’ll save the rest for tomorrow.

But I’m so glad that we see eye to eye…oh, what’s that?  You DON’T agree with me?

Oh, Pshaw….hey, let’s do an Obama – after all, he’s always trying to make nice with America’s historical enemies – allow me to have the same privilege, would you?  

Here’s your invite to come on our show, Meet The New Press, and talk, and maybe even have a beer!

Wouldn’t THAT be a radical idea?

But back to your point (and with a bit of a prodding from Doug): OK, I CONFESS!  GraniteGrok IS only entity that really fits your Presser.  We ARE your feared:

fire-breathing, Mtn Dew powered, extremist, right-wing, hard-charging, gun-toting, opinionated, outspoken, rabble rousing, Letter writing, radio microphone stomping, Supreme Court winning (er, Doug, anyways), buying ink electrons by the barrel, taking on all Progressives/Liberals/Moderates/ Squishy Republicans and flying to the aid of rock-ribbed freedom loving and liberty seeking / leaning Conservatives anywhere!

Conservative duo that seems to be striking fear (if I read Mike’s Presser correctly) into the hearts of Democrats everywhere in NH.  After all, none of them DARE to take us on, mano-y-mano in the blogosphere or radio land or in any debate anywhere.  As with fabled Texas Rangers of old (1 mob – 1 Ranger): 2 ordinary schlubs in Central New Hampsha vs the whole of the NH Dem Party – no contest!

Fear, Mike, really?  Yes you should be…be very afraid!

Rad, man, just rad….heh!

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