Manchester Tea Party – Audio!

by Skip

Manchester Tea Party                 Gramaphone

Lots of posts for the Manchester Tea Party – and why not?  The ‘Grok was at Ground Zero to perhaps the beginning of a seismic shift in political activism here in the Granite State!  Given the amount of activity, there’s lots on which to report.

I was able to capture most of the audio of the speakers (except a wee bit at the very beginning) even though I could not hook into the sound system.  The audio is fairly good and you should be able to listen fairly easily.

The entire rally can be heard by clicking here.

I did snip up the audio for each speaker:

  • Click on the name on the left for their introduction and speech
  • Click on the link to the right to go to their organization’s website

Please note that Charlie Sherman of WGIR 610 AM was our Master of Ceremonies for the rally!

  • Intros – a bit after the beginning but most of it
  • Charlie Sherman             (WGIR)
    • takes over as Master of Ceremonies
  • Kevin Smith                    (Cornerstone Policy Research)
    • Asked for a moment of silence for the troop overseas that are fighting preserving our freedom
    • Led the crowd in a rousing rendition of our National Anthem
  • Jennifer Horne               (radio personality at WMSN & former NH Congressional candidate)

All of the co-sponsors wish to thank ALL of those of you who came out and showed your support of the idea that Government has overstepped its proper boundaries and needs to step back.  That it taxes too much, spends too much, and intrudes too much into the lives of its citizens and their businesses alike.  

PLEASE – get involved – it will only get worse if you continue to sit and just rail at your TV!  Don’t know how?  Ask Doug or myself and we can certainly get you the help you want, the directions you need, or put you in touch with a group that needs your help.


Americans for Limited Government
Americans for Prosperity NH
Coalition of NH Taxpayers
Cornerstone Policy Research
Glenn Beck 912 Project
Granite State Patriots
Granite State Taxpayers
Manchester GOP
Murphy’s Tap Room
The National Taxpayers Union
NH Advantage Coalition
NH Citizens for Leadership
NH Federation of Republican Women
NH Liberty Alliance
NH Liberty Calendar
NH Reagan Network
NSP Graphic Communications
Portsmouth Tea Company

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