With all eyes on Obama, closer to home, the spending continues apace..

by Doug

Tax Monster.money.

Most regular readers are probably not surprised to hear that many people I’ve come in contact with in the last couple of days have all asked me the same question: “So Doug, how do you feel about the new President?” And of course, some ask it in a truly compassionate and sympathetic way while others take great pleasure, seeking to cause consternation with a known conservative. I’d be lying if I said I don’t care that a very liberal man has been elected to the post. I’d be lying if I claimed it really doesn’t matter that a person espousing a viewpoint and beliefs that very much smack of socialism is now in charge of our country. Do we really want to test how far a people can stray from free market principles before it’s too late? I don’t.

As to my assessment, at this point, it appears to me that his decision-making ability is inadequate, and, like the Chicago-style politician he is, always includes an ‘out.’ If I am correct, and this observation turns out to be true, such a waffler will bring a situation of gloom and despair similar to what we saw during the Carter years — the last time we had a guy running the country in a near-constant state of paralysis. It will take more than references to Abe Lincoln to actually be an Abe Lincoln, and I don’t see President Obama in the same league. Should he shed his ways and be a good strong president, casting aside his liberal bent, I’ll be the first to cheer—but I’m not holding my breath.

With all that being said, what I really think about this week’s “historic” presidential ascension is that at the end of the day, all things being considered, I like to believe that in my life, save for the national defense of the Nation at large (which I expect ANY president will be on top of in the post 9/11 world), it really doesn’t matter WHO is president. While I appreciate the orderly and peaceful transfer of power—something history tells us is the exception, not the rule—Tuesday’s inauguration meant little else to me. I still got up and went to work. My phone still rang, and the myriad of difficulties and pleasantries of my run of the mill daily life continued. Bills came in, and checks went out. Be it Monday, Inauguration Day, or yesterday and today, what I get from life depends mostly what I put into it, not who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now, make no mistake about it, if more and more socialism gets heaped upon us as a country, at some point as a producer, I WILL pay a price, but at the time being, for the most part, President Obama will be nothing but a daily annoyance (thanks to a fawning media) like some overplayed song on the radio.

No, what has more of an effect on me and mine are the people and politicians closer to home—those who would destroy what I’ve come to cherish right here in the Granite State. The big spending representatives and leaders in Concord who are bit by bit destroying the NH Advantage will hurt me more quickly and more directly than what Obama might do. Once a broad based sales or income tax comes– and make no mistake about it, without a drastic change in “business as usual” by the state’s leadership, one’s coming—one very distinct advantage businesses have over their out-of-state competition goes away, which is not good. We all know that even in recessionary times, things in NH are never as bad as they are everywhere else. What makes this so is our present tax structure, putting us in the position of one of the lowest overall combined tax burdens in the country. President Obama can’t take this advantage away, but my elected state representatives–including many Republicans, neighbors all—sure as heck can.

Dittos at the county level. Despite the rapid deterioration of revenue, those running Belknap County appear unable to make cuts dictated by the times. Even though much of what we pay for falls outside of what the law requires, we’re doing so anyway. At the beginning of the budget process, the Commissioners rightly looked at outside agencies and groups receiving county dollars and asked the question that needed to be asked: “Does this fall within the requirements of County government?” Sadly, when faced with a mob of those within the affected areas, they caved. This will be followed on by the complete capitulation by the County Convention in all areas. “Oh, just one more year,” they’ll say. Yeah, till next year. Meanwhile, the city of Laconia, under the umbrella of a tax cap, will get even less to spend on their needs, thanks to the actions at the county. And no, President Obama has nothing to do with that—or the hefty raises being doled out in that budget, either. It’s LOCAL people, majority Republican, at that.

In Gilford, the Board of Selectmen had voted to recommend a half million dollar energy retrofit for the town hall. While the Budget Committee had the sense to say no to the thing, the town’s “leaders” were on record as being in favor. After seeing the horrible payback figures and analysis by the town administrator, one cannot help but wonder what in the world they were thinking? The figures showed it almost made more sense to simply stoke a fire with $100 bills to heat the place than to do the geothermal retrofit. Thankfully, they’ve seen the light and changed their tune, pulling the proposal from the table. Again, no Barack Obama here.

As you can see, while the present media frenzy over the new president may make it seem like he’s the end all and be all to our lives, the truth is, those who would actually have a direct impact on us, our wallets, and our daily lives are a lot more closer to home…

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