Good idea, Grant – but go FURTHER!

by Skip

The ‘Grok endorsed Grant Bosse in NH’s CD-2 a little while ago as he showed us what a model Republican should be – articulately expressing Conservative values and the Republican Platform, hard working, use of the new media, and knowing how to stretch a dime into a dollar.  We continue to wish him well!

He has a program, "50 Days, 50 Ways" that outlines how he will save NH taxpayers money.  He’s done of bunch of these but I think, thus far, he’s been on a bunch of periphery type issues (but as is well known, take them all together, and they start adding up to real money).

However, this next one is what engineers call "a root cause" – he goes right to the central heart of THE feedback loop – those that feed our dollars outbound:

“50 Days, 50 Ways” Targets Congressional Pay Raises

(Hillsboro)  Republican Grant Bosse today proposed new legislation that would block Congressional pay raises unless Congress balances the federal budget.  Blocking Congressional pay raises would save taxpayers $2 million a year.

Until Congress gets a handle on federal spending, balances the budget, and addresses the long-term liabilities of Social Security and Medicare, how can it possibly justify giving itself a raise?’ Bosse asked.  “Not only will I refuse any raise until the budget is balanced, I’ll fight to end the automatic pay raises that Congress has guaranteed itself.”

Under current law, Congress received an automatic increase in pay every two years, unless it votes to block that raise.  Both Republican and Democratic leadership have repeatedly blocked open votes on Congressional pay in the past.  This is the 22nd budget cut Bosse has proposed since launching his “50 Days, 50 Ways to Cut Federal Spending” Initiative.

“It’s only $2 million a year, but maybe if Congress had to earn a raise like American workers, it would be a little more responsible with our money,” Bosse added.  “Until they balance the federal budget, they haven’t earned it, and I won’t take it if elected.”

To date, Bosse has proposed more than $10.2 billion in taxpayer savings by eliminating unnecessary federal programs.  To learn more about Bosse’s aggressive grassroots campaign, go to

I think that this is a great idea!  After all, don’t we often hear the Liberals in Congress wailing about the high salaries and perks of corporate CEOs that don’t really deserve all that money?  Especially when their companies are not doing all that well?  After all, those bad meanies are doing nothing but ripping off the little people.  Well…

Goose, meet gander.

Frankly, Grant get to the heart of the matter, the place where the decision to spend is made, but doesn’t expand outward enough.  Not only should the members of the US House of Representatitives be put on a fiscal diet (as they advocate for the same for CEOs), Senators, too, should be on the hook.

Now, here’s the kicker.  Not only are the Elected get on the fiscal wagon, but also their staffers.  It is they, the folks that make the paper fly, the schedules made and kept, and answer the phones, that often create the bills that spend the money and then advise the Elected how to vote on them.  Thus, let’s give them an incentive as well to be frugal too – THEY, too, only a get a raise when our pockets stopped being picked. And being the modern equivalent of "flappers", they have the power to have a material effect on the process.

After all, we are the little people….and they have raised their salaries over the years whereby THEY are among the most highly compensated "workers" (cough, cough) in the country (and the world) – and look at the deficit they have put us in!

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