‘Grok Endorsement – NH Congressional District #2

by Skip

The ‘Grok is a conservative blog – no doubt about it.  The philosophy that drives us includes individual responsibility, limited government, free markets,adherence to the Rule of Law and property rights, and an open and transparent government that is frugal with taxpayer money. Government can not, and should not, try to be all things to all people.  It does not include the over reach of the cloying collective of the Nanny State and the spend-with-no-constraints attitude that seemingly has invaded both the national and NH scene.

We are also Republicans as that party comes closest to the above ideal.  That said, this blog, GraniteGrok, is known for holding Republicans to account for not only their words but for their actions as well.  Our motto is "spank’em when they’re wrong, and thank’em when they are right."  We support like minded people who not only say the words but put them to practice and live them.

This morning, we get to thank a Republican that we have come to know as we cover the cultural and political scene (especially here in NH).  During our time in the blogosphere, we have watched an extremely  hard working, well spoken, knows all the issues type of guy that shows how to make a dollar stretch to the max in getting his message out.  Coupled with a brevity of speech that makes us envious in getting out a maximum message (without sounding like a sound bite machine) and the ability and willingness to always be working at Internet speed has impressed us.  He lives his campaign motto of "I may be outspent but I will never be outworked" as he seems to be in all places at once.  His conservative foundation has rung a friendly bell here at the ‘Grok.

We are proud to announce that in NH’s 2nd Congressional District, we are supporting

Grant Bosse

Grant Bosse for Congress 2008

for the U.S. House of Representatives.  This is in no way a negative reflection on his competitors – we believe that any of his competitors would be a huge improvement over the current holder of that seat.  We just feel that Grant epitomizes the philosophy, the work ethic, and the knowledge of  the Internet that tomorrow’s candidates will need – but he is doing it today!

We ask our readers who live in NH’s Congressional District to give Grant a very close look.  If you feel that government should supply your every (or even most) need, he’s not your guy.  If you believe that we owe all that we are and have to government, he’s not your guy.  If you believe that government knows more than you do about taking care of your family, he’s not your guy.

If you feel that government is more often the problem rather than a solution, that it costs more than it should, that government is slowly taking your freedom away via taxes, regulations, and laws – then HE’S YOUR GUY!

Please vote Grant Bosse in the Republican primary in September.  Then vote again for him in November and take the seat away from Paul Hodes (you remember him – the guy that tried to take on the Moms of Fury – and lost!). 

Grant Bosse for Congress!

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  • mer

    Can we get some of Bosse to rub off on Bradley? Please?

  • Bob

    Grant seems like a good guy, but the Bosse name in the Second District was sullied by his Dad, which is a shame. He’s got an long uphill run ahead of him. Good luck!

  • Thanks guys. I’m honored to have the support of the Grok, which has quickly established itself as a leading voice for lower spending, open government, and personal responsibility.

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