Roundup: The GraniteGrok Congressional Q & A Series featuring the Republicans

by Doug



Bob CleggJim SteinerJohn Stephen

Grant Bosse

Jeb BradleyJennifer HornSenator Sununu

We are pleased with the outcome of our first "Q & A Series". Seeking to focus on particular issues and specifics from political candidates rather than the broad rhetoric most often associated with campaigns, Skip and I developed a set of questions based mainly on issues that should be, in our opinion, of importance to voters as they decide who they will send to the next Congress. In some cases, they were pretty basic, requiring nothing more than a short and simple answer. Others needed more detail.

While our questions were sent to their Democrat counterparts with no takers, every major Republican candidate took the time to participate and for that we are greatful. It is our belief that the Blogosphere is an important arena in the battle for the hearts and minds of voters of all stripes and if Republicans are to be successful, they MUST be participants.

This is the list of candidates that took part in the ‘Grok Q & A. Click each name to go to that individual’s answers, keeping in mind that all got the same questions. Each survey page also contains a link to the particular campaign’s website at the end.

We will continue to try to get this survey answered by some Democrats as well.


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  • anonymous

    I fear that Grant is the only one who ‘gets’ question #4.
    If we must not cede our sovereignty, then WHY do we allow treaties like L.O.S.T. to be signed and WHY do we allow the UN to enforce EFA etc in our SCHOOLS?
    I think Sununu, Bradley have actually voted contrary to how they speak and Steiner and Horn don’t get it either and would likely do the same despite lip service.
    One only needs to listen to your show guests on Education to understand what THAT is all about.

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