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Starting Saturday morning at 9 am!

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As usual, this week’s broadcast version of GraniteGrok and AnkleBitingPundits brings an array of items and guests for your consideration– ALL STARTING AT 9AM! As always, thanks to the technical wizardry and analytical skills of Skip, if you are beyond the broadcast area of Newstalk 1490 WEMJ, simply click here for instructions on how to connect and listen on the Internet via livestream. (Podcasts here)

As oil prices reach record highs, gasoline and diesel prices make every fill-up painful, and New Hampshire continues to pay the highest electricity prices in the nation, we have to ask ourselves; why does Congress keep making energy more expensive?

This comprehensive energy plan will help lower energy prices, and bring new sources of energy to market, by rolling back decades of Congressional interference in the energy marketplace.

We’ll talk with Grant, who will outline the key elements of his plan.

  • There are many Memorial Day events available for people to participate in all around the Lakes Region. Among the things you should plan on doing is a visit to The Moving Wall, appearing close-by in Center Ossipee. This traveling half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a Service Mark of the Viet Nam Service Veterans, Inc. and has been touring the country since 1984. David Dube is one of the members of the local committee organized to bring this beautiful and touching tribute here to our state. We’ll get a live report from the site and encourage people to include a visit as part of the weekend’s activities.

  • Breaking news on Belknap County budget mess: The NH DRA has declared that the default budget–  the Commissioners’ original December budget– shall be the adopted budget of the county… as former Laconia Mayor Thomas A Tardif, working with Doug, has been saying right along. Tune in for details. Funny that the news got released on Friday of a long holiday weekend– when they print all the news that’s fit to bury!

Jeb Bradley

  • Special Co-host Jeb Bradley will join us in studio for the second hour of the program. As most readers already know, Mr. Bradley is NH’s former 1st NH Congressional District representative currently seeking the GOP nod for the chance to unseat Democrat Carol Shea Porter in the November election. Among the topics we’ll cover is that of Jeb’s op-ed about the military that appeared in the Friday Union Leader. His stand on the POW/MIA designation versus "missing captured/ duty station unknown" is one we wholeheartedly agree with. Phone calls are encouraged (as always) at 603-527-1490.

  • Duncan Hunter– remember him? He might not still be a presidential candidate, but he’s still one of our favorite congressmen. Together with Jeb, we’ll get the scoop on war funding issues, the war in general, and what happens from here.

  • Etcetera

It all starts at 9AM EST Saturday. Tune in if you’re in Central NH at NewsTalk 1490AM WEMJ or live on the ‘Net here… The best radio (in our humble opinions) anywhere…

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