Two planets, and our guy is at least on Earth

by Skip

I’m sitting here, shaking my head:

On earth:

New Hampshire Republican Chair Fergus Cullen said he believed the primary did work.

"We got lucky," said Cullen. "We had a process that was open and not a lot of people dropped out afterward."

Somewhere NOT on earth:

"I thought it was a disaster," said Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. "We only had five days after Iowa and I don’t think that allowed the type of retail politics we are used to."

HUH?  A Disaster? 

Doug and I went to a ton of Presidential Candidate events….for about a year and a half!  Even our
acquaintances on the Left were saying "No Mas!" as the campaign season had just gone on too long. 

Look, the front end was loaded by states (and politicians) that decided that they wanted the limelight.  I find it rather delicious that if some of them had stayed where they were, they’d probably would have had a bigger say in outcomes than what has happened. 

But for Ray Buckley to say that it was a disaster is silly.  This has been the most attended and voted in primary ever here in NH!  Given that a year and a half (or more, for some of the candidates) was the season, he has nothing to hang his hat on…

(H/T: PolitickerNH

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