Until the “experts” clued him in, he had no idea!

by Doug

While I remain uncommitted to any presidential candidate at this point, I believe it’s time to begin to take harder, more critical looks at them as the primary inches ever closer. As a conservative Republican, I absolutely want the best person we can get– one that has the greatest chance at keeping a Democrat from winning the White House in ’08.
This YouTube shows Mitt Romney fielding the abortion question at two separate events here in NH. My concern is not really over the fact that his position has "evolved," but rather HOW he explains it happened. Perhaps it’s just me, but his explanation just makes me uncomfortable. How could a man of his stature be so apparently clueless about something he explains in such simple fashion. It took "experts" to convince him that a sperm and an egg, combined, create human life? What’s next– will Mitt discover there’s oil AND vinegar in Italian dressing?
I continue to fear the Democrats would have a field day with Mitt Romney in the general campaign. Why am I wrong?

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