No fury like a mother scorned– The Movie

by Doug

In this prior post, I reported on the Friday visit paid NH’s 2nd Congressional District representative, Democrat Paul Hodes, by a group of relatives, friends, family members, veterans, and supporters of our military. The purpose of the appointment was to express outrage and dismay with the congressman’s vote for the recent pork-laden military appropriation bill containing a specific deadline for troop  withdrawal from Iraq.
Certain media covering the event have chosen to focus on the sometimes elevated passion and emotion that this group of close-knit military supporters brought to the meeting, missing the overall message expressed by the group of desiring a united country supporting the troops and the mission to the end– an end that finishes with victory. When a group of mothers and fathers, veterans, supporters, and patriots feel that the ones they care about, and the country they love, is being threatened you can’t blame them for being concerned. When the threat comes from the political motives and machinations of politicians, with little regard to doing what’s right, you can understand why concern turns to anger.
What follows below is a nine minute video that rather nicely captures the essence of the meeting. If only more Americans felt as these people do, we might actually win the war. A democratic nation cannot sustain a war without the support of the people. Watch the video. Take a stand like these people have. How did YOUR congressman vote? Does he/she fully support the troops to victory? If not, give him/her an earful like the "Moms of Fury" and their friends did this past Friday. Who knows, maybe some of them will see the light…

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