New Media Rising… Part 2

by Doug

Another new innovation that seems to be taking hold in politcs and campaigning is the so-called "bloggers’s conference call." Like a traditional press conference in the "old media" fashion, the speaker usually starts with an opening set of remarks and then participants are allowed to ask questions in turns as directed by the moderator. This is basically another variant of those corporate stockholder conference calls that many people might already be familiar with.
Instead of everybody gathered in a room, those involved do so on the phone. This allows a citizen journalist, keyboard at hand, the same access as any of the so-called news reporters one sees on TV or reads in the New York Times world. No matter where they’re at. The difference in the questions and reporting, is that the blogger, for which journalism tends to be a labor of love, a passion, comes to the table, in my humble opinin (biased? you bet!) more informed than someone from the old media’s central casting warehouse.
Earlier this afternoon, I had the pleasure of participating in my third "bloggers conference call" in 2 weeks. Today’s, as was my first, was with ’08 prez wannabee, Arizona Senator John McCain. Last week, I had the same opportunity and access to Congressman Duncan Hunter. Both men have enlisted able persons to help with their New Media campaigns– John Hawkins (Hunter) and friend Patrick Hynes (McCain). I am thankful to both for giving the ‘Grok the opportunity to join in.
Aside from my respect and full appreciation and agreement with his positions on winning the new world war, the other area in which I find common ground with Senator McCain is, in fact, his New Media acknowledgement.
McCain greets old & new media & local pols in Franklin, NH
When asked what role bloggers would play in the media strategy of a McCain Administration, McCain said
"Bloggers are a vital part of the information technology in America and the world."
He vowed as president to hold detailed briefings for the public, both on C-Span and through the use of such devices like today’s "blogger conference call." He seems to absolutely recognize, as I have long held, that President Bush has failed at properly communicating with the American people. It appears he believes that part of the answer is the blogs. Noting that in some cases,
"bloggers need maturing, the blogosphere phenomenon has had a fundamentally profound effect on how America communicates with itself and with the world."
Yeah, I’ll buy that…

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