Meet The New Press – Live Streaming

by Skip


Meet The New Press – Live Streaming!

Yes, the MTNP crew has finally got it working the way we want it to.  During the show, 9am – 11pm on Saturdays – WEMJ 1490am, we will be streaming the entire show.  It will start JUST before the show, but only a couple of minutes before and will end pretty much at the end of the show (for now).  So if you want to join us:

                    Player choices:

                        WinAmp – Click  Here  
                        WinAmp or QuickTime – Click Here
                        Windows Media Player – Click  Here

Note: f there is a problem with Windows Media Player in listening to the stream and the "Click here" doesn’t work (as we are still transitioning to a new server hosting company), follow the below instructions:

Open up Media Player, full mode, go to FILE, open URL, and paste in:

That should work.  If not, email me:  Skip    (you know what goes inbetween Skip and GraniteGrok!)

We are excited that those of you who are Internet-centric will now be able to join us!  Remember, we are just a phone call away at 603-527-1490 if you have a question or a comment during the show.  All we ask is that you keep it on topic (or reference something we just finished talking about) and pithy.  Jerrod, our engineer, will take the call and let us know you are on the line.  We will take your call at the first logical break, so please hold on until we get to you! 

One other thing – while we have just doubled our capacity, please do not get upset if you cannot get a stream first time out.  We are "playing this by ear" as we wait to see how many folks wish to be part of the show by this method.  If you have problems during the show, email me at Skip   at the usual (yeah, let’s give the robo-spammers a hard time with that email address formatting – you know how to do it!). 

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  • NH

    You’re missing RON PAUL on your campaign websites.
    He won LA, WA and came in second in Montana with 25%
    But you only have Huckster and McInsane.. What gives?
    He made twice as much $$ as anyone else in the GOP last quarter ($20 Million) and is the only solvent candidate.
    McInsane is $4.5M in the red, Huckster is $100K in the red, and Ron Paul has $8M cash on hand.
    DO you really want those two liberals to become president?

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