GraniteGrok gang hits the air today!

by Doug

It’s Saturday. That means it’s time to…

"Meet the New Press"

Live at 2pm today on Newstalk 1490AM WEMJ, broadcasting throughout the Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire.

As always, podcasts will be posted on the GraniteGrok Podcast Page as soon as we get them ready (remove commercials, coughs, etc.).
After being on assignment at the NH GOP Annual Meeting, Skip and Pat return to the studio, where we will be joined by local blogger Chan Eddy of the WeekendPundit, which has long held a spot in the GraniteGrok "favorites" space in the GG links section. Imagine that— FOUR bloggers in one room! Yes, it will be a mini "blog-con" right here in Gilford, NH. Topics will include:
  • Liveblogging- what is it? G Grok/ MTNP scooped everybody—on a shoestring budget compared to the “biggies” in the old media
  • Blogging/Citizen journalism—what does it mean for the future of politics at all levels?
  • Gilford Budget Committee—8 candidates!
  • Deliberative session—review of “cuts”
  • Police Station Update
  • Guest Jennifer Rubin (lawyer/writer from VA)
  • Prez politics- a review of the extensive GG Analysis
  • Global Warming- wind farms? (Maine kills one)
  • GOP results—Fergus, Mahoney wins—what does it mean?
  • So-called “resolutions” in Senate
Of course, this is just an outline. One phone call, or one statement by one of the panelists could send us off on some tangent yet unknown. That’s the fun of a live radio show. Tune in.


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