Ian Underwood

Actions speak louder than words

Isn’t it pretty to think that Scalia really believed this?  But if you look, for example, at the 2nd Amendment, it says that ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’.

The Kavanaugh Compromise

Recent discussions regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court seem to have centered largely around two issues:  guns and abortion. Judging from my own experience, conservatives tend to be both pro-gun and anti-abortion, while progressives tend to be both anti-gun and pro-abortion: Pro-abortion Anti-abortion Pro-gun Conservative Anti-gun Progressive So it occurs to …

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The Kavanaugh Amendment

If the answers to constitutional questions are in the Constitution, then it shouldn’t matter at all who sits on the Supreme Court.  We should be able to replace any subset of justices, and the same questions should get the same answers.  They’re all looking at the same document, right? You might be feeling some hesitation …

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Make America States Again

The 17th Amendment was supposed to solve a particular problem — the political establishment was thought to be exercising too much control over the selection of senators, making the process too susceptible to corruption.  The idea was to fix that by taking control out of the hands of that establishment, and putting it directly into …

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Legalize Failure

Police in Wilmette, Illinois recently considered charges against a mother for letting her 8-year-old daughter walk the family dog around the block unsupervised.  Predictably, a lot of people are reacting with incredulity.  ‘How can something like this even happen?’ they want to know. It’s very simple.  It happens because we’ve made failure illegal.

Representative, or Role Model?

As the discussion over Andy Sanborn’s Q Score heats up, I can’t help being reminded of Pete Rose, who — despite his singular accomplishments as a player — remains ineligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame. To paraphrase former major league outfielder Jim Dwyer:  The Hall of Fame is for baseball players.  Heaven is for …

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Can comics save politics?

Recently I was discussing the latest Trump-related hysteria with a friend, who was upset about what he perceived to be a progressive double standard.  Basically, he was arguing that in cases where Trump is just doing the same thing that Obama was doing, then Obama’s supporters ought to be willing to admit that they’re either …

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