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Jeff Woodburn Political Theater – Shows Daily Until November

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2018

Embattled alleged domestic abuser Jeff ‘The Bruiser’ Woodburn is refusing to resign from office. The New Hampshire state senator decided that the charges against him are far too insignificant to warrant abandoning his office. Let me guess. He’s going to let the voters decide. Any number of voices, especially those on the left, are not keen on […]

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NH House Candidate Denny Ruprecht is Jeff Woodburn’s Campaign Manager. What Did He know, and When Did He Know it?

by Steve MacDonald August 6, 2018

Denny Ruprecht Jr. (pictured above, far left) is quite the Progressive political climber. He’s hob-knobbed with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, retiring Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and for several months he was a finance intern for CD-2 Democrat Ann Kuster. And he’s only a Freshman at UNH. Dennis ‘Denny’ Ruprecht is also a candidate for State Representative for […]

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What Did NH Democrats Know About Jeff Woodburn and When Did They Know It?

by Steve MacDonald August 3, 2018

Yesterday, when news broke that Democrat State Sen. Jeffy ‘Bumpstock’ Woodburn had been arrested for sexual and domestic assault, I observed two things in particular. First, State Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley was quick to announce/denounce, which is way out of character. And second, Who knew what before it became a liability? The State Republican Party want’s to […]

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If NH State Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn Has Any Firearms, Will he Turn Them in – NOW?

by Skip August 3, 2018

If New Hampshire State Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn has any firearms, will he turn them in NOW? He is, after all, he’s in favor of “Red Flag” laws which empower the State to take firearms away from those deemed to be a danger to others or themselves (or both). C’mon Jeff, show the courage of […]

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Dem Party Chair Asks NH Sen. Jeff Woodburn To Resign Over Charges of Assault

by Steve MacDonald August 2, 2018

The Democrat party has been talking up a good game about their chances this fall, but I’m beginning to suspect they’re not that great. New Hampshire State Party Chair Ray Buckley has wasted no time in the wake of accusations of sexual assault in asking Sen. Jeff Woodburn to quit. Now. CONCORD – The state […]

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Kimberly Morin on Jeff Woodburn, Bumpstocks, and Gender Identity

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2018

Kimberly Morin joins me for some Conservative talk in ten minutes or less to discuss a recent Facebook video (put up then taken down –saved here) by Democrat State Senator Jeff Woodburn. She also points a finger at a resurrected transgender identity bill killed last session that’s back from the dead (thanks to some Republicans).   Also […]

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Kimberly Morin on Jeffy ‘BumpStock’ Woodburn

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2018

Kimberly Morin joins me for some Conservative talk in ten minutes or less to discuss a recent Facebook video (put up then taken down) by Democrat State Senator Jeff Woodburn. She also points a finger at a resurrected the transgender identity bill killed last session that’s back from the dead.    

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Senator Woodburn Deletes Embarrassing Video Boasting About Gun Control

by Kimberly Morin February 4, 2018

Over the weekend, New Hampshire Senator Jeff Woodburn, representing North Country in District 01, deleted a video of himself boasting about how proud he was to have pushed legislation that would ban bump stocks in the state. The video was posted on his Facebook page and only lasted a couple of minutes but it clearly […]

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Whereupon NH State Senator Jeff Woodburn does a double

by Skip January 29, 2018

A double error, in my eyes. In a piece about banning bump stocks (SB 492-FN), the Senate Minority Leader shows two things; can you guess what they are from this snippet” Sen. Jeff Woodburn, a Democrat from Whitefield, sponsored the bill in response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October, when a man […]

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Why Hasn’t Jeff Woodburn Denounced Ray Buckley: Dem Chair Called his Constituents White Supremacists

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2017

New Hampshire Democrats need to decide if they agree with Democrat State Party Chair Raymond Buckley? Are most New Hampshire voters White Supremacists or not? In response to this new organization reaching out to disaffected (rural) voters, Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, former DNC Vice Chair and former candidate for chair […]

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Police Have to ‘Jeff Woodburn’ a Bear in Nashua

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2017

Nashua Police had to ‘Jeff Woodburn’ a bear Monday evening to save the North Country from the burden of another southern-tier forced wildlife refugee relocation. It’s the only sort of “refugee” the Democrat opposes. NASHUA, N.H. —Nashua Police said they put down a bear Monday evening. The bear was shot around 9:30 p.m. in the […]

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Jeff Woodburn and the Three Bears

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2017

Jeff Woodburn is still bitching about the three bear cubs relocated from Hanover to the North Country. “I don’t appreciate the North Country being a dumping ground. We’re not collecting rabid skunks in the North Country and dumping them in Newfields,” said Democratic Sen. Jeff Woodburn, referencing Sununu’s hometown. Jeffy doesn’t seem to have any […]

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Would Democrat Jeff Woodburn Consider Abortion Rights for Bears?

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2017

Democrat Jeff Woodburn is upset about Governor Sununu’s plea to save the family of bears in Hopkinton. Conservation officers had planned to shoot them, but now they’ll trap them and relocate them. Woodburn is miffed. I can imagine what’s going through his tiny liberal head right now. If bears had abortion rights that mother bear would never […]

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NH Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn (D) – NOW he wants us to believe that he…

by Skip March 9, 2017

“I’m scratching my head here in confusion because I am having an “if A then B” moment here” …believes in an originalist / literal interpretation of the NH Constitution?  In a UL Op-Ed, Woodburn (D) is making the case that we need to encourage more votes (like anyone has a problem with that??) (reformatted, emphasis […]

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Where NH Senate Democrat Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn beclowns himself on guns

by Skip September 30, 2016

Kimberly’s post on Portsmouth Police Commissioner Joe Plaia reminded me of this at the Union Leader concerning the NH Senate upholding Gov Maggie “The Red” Hassan’s veto of NH Constitutional Carry: Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn said the legislation is a solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist, and that New Hampshire police chiefs […]

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What ‘Bottom’ Is Senator Jeff Woodburn Suggesting We “Pinch.”

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2015
Thumbnail image for What ‘Bottom’ Is Senator Jeff Woodburn Suggesting We “Pinch.”

The New Hampshire State Senate has proposed language to lower the Business Enterprise Tax and the Business profits Tax beginning in 2017.  The proposed change would reduce the BPT by 0.4% and the BET by 0.075% (in total) by the end of 2019, but can we even call this “flirting” with tax reform? Don’t get […]

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Fiscally unsound for WHO, Senator Jeff Woodburn?

by Skip January 24, 2015

This caught my eye earlier this week in the Union Leader (reformatted, emphasis mine): DOWN TO BUSINESS: Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn of Dalton likened a GOP effort to cut the business profits tax and business enterprise tax to “political footballs.” [Senate GOP wants to lower NH business taxes].   Sen. Andy Sanborn, R-Bedford, and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, touted […]

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Facebook Doodlings – Justice? Which one?

by Skip August 9, 2018

Steve’s post on former NH State Senate Minority Leader  Jeff ‘The Bruiser’ Woodburn had an interesting comment left on it on Facebook: Joanne Hack Again, ALLEGED abuser … are we not supposed to be the voice of reason and say that he’s not convicted of anything so, since this is America, he shouldn’t have to resign. I don’t know […]

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Could This Be The Perfect Gift for the Hypocritical Left-Wing Democrat in Your Life?

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2018

Democrats sell stuff online and take the money. That exercise in capitalism is hypocritical enough given the direction the party has gone these last few years. And we think it damages what little credibility they have left. (Get it! Left?) So, we’re here to help. If you’re going to engage in free market profiteering at least have […]

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Maybe it’s Sununu who should resign

by Ian Underwood August 5, 2018

On Friday, Governor Sununu called for the resignation of state senator Jeff Woodburn, saying: [His] morally reprehensible, violent behavior has no place in public service, or anywhere else. Domestic violence will not be tolerated in New Hampshire. Senator Woodburn must resign. Immediately. The problem, of course, is that Senator Woodburn has been accused of violent […]

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Some Thoughts on the House Bill 1264 Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part III

by Ed Mosca June 5, 2018

DEMOCRAT STATE SENATORS WOODBURN, SOUCY, AND FELTES  As I discussed in Part I, the primary argument of these Democrat State Senators —like the ACLU and like the Democrat Executive Councilors— is that the Court should not return answers to the questions.  Because I already addressed this argument in my discussion of the Attorney General’s memorandum in […]

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Some Thoughts on the HB1264 – Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part I

by Ed Mosca June 4, 2018

Not a comprehensive examination of all memoranda filed with Supreme Court regarding House Bill 1264.  Just some notes I took while reading through them, cleaned up somewhat for public consumption. SECRETARY OF STATE The Secretary of State takes no express position on House Bill 1264.  But he appears to agree with the position of the Governor —as I […]

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Two take-aways from NH’s “opting out” of the all but mandatory paid family medical leave act HB 628

by Skip April 27, 2018

From the UL, Jeb Bradley seems to want to out do Donald Kreis in a given intellectual proposition (a few fries less than a current Happy Meal): In the week before the bill came up for Senate committee review, however, he issued a letter in opposition. The program as proposed called for payroll deductions except for […]

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In New Hampshire, you pay more for electricity thanks to legislators

by Skip April 25, 2018

BY ANDREW CLINE  (reformatted, emphasis mine  – Skip) In a market, consumers have numerous opportunities to pay more for products or services they value, even if lower-cost alternatives are available. Consider how the market for beer works. While most people buy low-cost, mass-produced beers, hipsters and beer snobs can enjoy artisanal IPAs, provided they’re willing to pay […]

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NH Progressive Senators on school nurses- “local control is fine” (but only as long as you agree with us!)

by Skip April 13, 2018

 State Senate refuses to roll back school nurse requirements NH State Senator Woodburn basically just said exactly that about who controls the standards for school nurses: “We need to have school nurses who are on top of the details and know what’s going on,” said Sen. Jeff Woodburn, D-Whitefield, in opposition to the rollback. “We […]

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The Horrifying ‘Heroes’ of the Portsmouth Gun Control Rally Organizers

by Kimberly Morin March 25, 2018

Yesterday, during the Portsmouth gun control rally, The Resistance Seacoast handed out leaflets listing a slew of pro-gun control legislators. The list is a horrifying compilation of some of the most disturbing individuals who have or do sit in the New Hampshire State House today.

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NH Dems use Drama to Push ANTI-School Safety Gun Control

by Kimberly Morin March 22, 2018

Yesterday, in typical uninformed and ignorant Democrat fashion, Anti-school safety New Hampshire Senate Democrats tried to push a draconian gun control amendment that would have left students more unprotected than they are now all while turning law-abiding citizens into criminals. They did it as if they were a high school drama club rather than adults […]

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Yeah, so much for the Constitution, right Democrats? An aside on the Democrat only sponsored SB466

by Skip March 18, 2018

First Amendment:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  I like how the Cornell Law School interprets the […]

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New Hampshire’s Budget Voodoo Path to Expanded “Expanded Medicaid”

by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2018

On Saturday I referenced the passage of expanded Medicaid out of the State Senate. The new Bradley-Care Bill, SB313, complete with a new and improved five-year plan (instead of two, cue the Soviet national anthem) got the yeah votes of every Democrat in the New Hampshire Senate and seven out of fourteen “Republicans.” The chief […]

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GrokTALK! Episodes Updated

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2018

Spreaker made some changes during our hiatus that I have just discovered. I thought I was embedding each episode but I was actually embedding the player, which updates to the latest episode. If you listen on Stitcher, Spreaker, iTunes, TuneIn, iHeart, GooglePlay or the Grok Podcast page, you won’t have noticed any difference. But until […]

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