Day: January 11, 2018

Women’s March Ditching Pussyhats Cuz of “Men”

The pink hand-knitted tea-cozy market is about to get flooded. Women’s March organizers are moving away from the iconic “pussyhat” because it may be offensive to trans women who don’t have female genitalia. Just so we are clear, the Women’s March wants to ditch their “iconic Pussyhat” because of men.   We now return you to your regularly …

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Project Veritas: Twitter Network Engineer Say’s They’d Give DoJ Trump’s Private Messages.

Project Veritas’ latest undercover video captured Clay Haynes, network security engineer, for Twitter discussing the company’s alleged willingness to hand over Trump’s entire Twitter record: tweets, mentions, private messages, etc. if it would help the Department of Justice’s investigation. Twitter has since distanced itself from Clay Hayes. There’s a lot more at Legal Insurrection

They Had Sex But Taxpayers Got *******!

The California State Senate has passed a bill sponsored by State Sen. Connie Leyva in support of on-campus abortion services at state colleges. Connie is excited about advancing her contribution to the genocide of pre-born babies. And while there does not appear to be a provision in the legislation for drive-thru services or no-charge RU486 vending machines, …

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Oprah, Weinstein, Ears, and the Presidency – 2

Ed posted the excellent question ‘What is Harvey’s ear doing in Oprah’s mouth?’, but there’s more… Ed wondered whether Oprah’s messing with Harvey’s ear was an “investment,” but there’s much more than that. Just like many Hollyweird stars and of course, the Clintons, Oprah was well aware of Weinstein’s proclivities and remained indifferent as long …

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