Monday, January 8, 2018

Seattle’s Sugar Tax Went Into Effect on January 1st. Guess How That’s Going to Turn Out?

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2018

Seattle is a city on a crazy train to the liberal utopia. They implemented a gun tax and mandated higher minimum wages (which unintentionally pushed people off welfare and housing programs). There’s a special high Earners tax. The city banned affordable and convenient plastic bags. Their proudly gay (and married) mayor only resigned after his fifth child sex […]

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Because when it doesn’t fit the Narrative, punish everyone!!!!

by Skip January 8, 2018

NBC banned hugging in the workplace as well as sharing cab rides in order to curb sexual harassment. I don't get it though. The left goes out of their way to share bathrooms, yet they won't share a cab. Now where’s the sense in that? — Educating Liberals (@Education4Libs) December 28, 2017 (H/T: Powerline)

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Blogline of the Day – The Party of Misery is unhappy

by Skip January 8, 2018

Apparently, this is all bad news if you’re a member of the Democratic Party. The agenda of getting poorer together is getting upset by the Trump White House. (H/T: Townhall)

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Yes, Govt can and does do this to Capitalism on a regular basis

by Skip January 8, 2018

(H/T: Powerline)

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