Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hey, NH Republican legislators – would ONE of you submit an LSR on this?

by Skip September 12, 2017

Just to drive the anti-gunners like NH State Rep Katherine Rogers (D, AntiConstitution) absolutely bonkers! “If Democrats really believe that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System doesn’t interfere “in any way” with people’s constitutional rights to own a gun, doesn’t it follow that the same system would not constitute an infringement on people’s right […]

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Has it come to this?

by Skip September 12, 2017

How far will the Left force the rest of us to go for “equality”? (H/T: Powerline)

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Remembering Glen A. Doherty, Killed 9/12/2012, Benghazi, Libya

by Scott Morales September 12, 2017

“Glen A. Doherty, a CIA contract protective officer, lost his life in the service of his country while trying to protect a CIA facility in Benghazi, Libya, early on the morning of September 12, 2012. He was killed alongside his friend and fellow officer, Tyrone Woods.” You can read more about Glen where I snatched […]

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Suppressing Climate Science Speech Violates the First Amendment Too!

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2017

The left is keen to suppress speech they oppose in any way they can, and the politicization of science and climate has played a vital part in this effort. “Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, […]

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Heads Up: Here Comes Next Year’s Legislation

by Ellen Kolb September 12, 2017

Legislators gotta legislate. The 2018 process is underway, with legislative service requests (LSRs) now being filed in Concord. House members have until the 22nd to put LSRs into the hopper. The first batch has been posted, and the list will be updated periodically on the General Court web site. LSRs tell you sponsor and topic. […]

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A Culture of Violence to Intimidate All Speech

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2017

In part two of my chat with Rich Girard yesterday we talk about Antifa’s rotten roots, and the overreaching goal of their so-called Antifaschistische Aktion: to silence opponents by empowering the government to pick and choose what people can say, where, and when. Part I

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