Wednesday, August 23, 2017

CNN Panel Of Trump Supporters Unbothered By Charlottesville Comments

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2017

We’ve been saying this for so long it is almost getting tiresome. Trump voters don’t care what Donald Trump does. Period. So a nothing-burger like his remarks after Charlottesville is not a winner for a network digging for a story about how Trump’s base is abandoning him. The best they can hope for is to let […]

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NH Democrats Embarrass Themselves with Lawsuit Over Election Law Bill

by Kimberly Morin August 23, 2017

Today it was reported by WMUR that the New Hampshire Democrat Party is filing a lawsuit over Senate Bill 3 (SB3), AN ACT relative to domicile for voting purposes. The bill was passed by both the house and senate and was signed by Governor Sununu in July. The bill not only had the support of […]

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NH DHHS Reschedules “Rule Change” Hearing to Allow Medicaid Coverage for “Gender Reassignment”

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2017

New Hampshire currently prohibits using Medicaid dollars to fund sex change surgery, but a few weeks ago Rich Girard broke a story about how the state’s Department of Health and Human Services was looking to change the rules. Transition them, so to speak, to allow tax dollars to finance sex change operations to Medicaid recipients. […]

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Confederate Symbols, Fake Issues, and a Misnamed Protest

by Don August 23, 2017

The historical part of Alan Vervaeke’s August 22, 2017 column in the Laconia Daily Sun,, titled, “Dead soldiers don’t keep the Confederacy alive”, was excellent. Some of his opinions deserve further consideration. I agree with Vervaeke that it’s shortsighted to remove statues of Confederate warriors from any city. As he says, it’s their heritage. So […]

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Trump Pulls Trigger on Visa Sanctions For Uncooperative Countries

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2017

Back in January, we reported on legislation to shore up the legal right to impose visa sanctions on nations that refuse to take back criminal illegal aliens deported from the United States. I can’t speak to the legislation, but Mr. Trump isn’t waiting for back up. The Trump administration has triggered visa sanctions against four […]

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