Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On the Legalization of Drugs (Again). Dr. Dalrymple’s Advice, Don’t Do It!

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2017

Over on Facebook, there is yet another discussion about legalizing drugs versus the cost of policing or other costs. Whenever I find such debates, I always link to this excellent examination of that very debate by Theodore  Dalrymple.  Dr. Anthony Daniels (Dalrymple being his pen name) provides a keen insight into the arguments in favor […]

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Remember When: Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince Refused to Rescind Service to ISIS Sites?

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2017

Pushing homosexuals off buildings, beating people to death, holy war, lighting people on fire and burning them to death, the occasional beheading, treating women like animals, things that are protected or special or something… “Individuals have decided that there is content they disagree with but the right way to deal with this is to follow the established […]

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Oh, What A Tangled Community Organizer Web We Have Woven

by Ed Naile August 22, 2017

Enter – Kristin Szakos, Harvard Educated, left-wing moonbat. Kristin Szakos is the Charlottesville City Councilman who came up with the peachy idea of taking down the Confederate statue – in her town. Yippie, we got our community organized all right – or should I say, alt-left. (Here are her community organizer credentials, yes she was […]

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Why Sen. Warren’s Well-Meaning Hearing-Aid Bill Could be Dangerous.

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2017

A Bill sponsored by Massachusetts Sen. Liz Warren has become law. It legalizes over-the-counter sales of hearing aids. Hearing aids are expensive. Very expensive. Probably too expensive. Having lived with hearing loss, I appreciate the desire and need to hear. But not all hearing loss is the result of something that you can correct with […]

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