Saturday, June 10, 2017

Even if it seems that you’ve taken all the right precautions….BOOM! in almost a real personal way

by Skip June 10, 2017

Tannerite.  Refrigerator.  Distance.  Hiding behind trees……wait, WHAT? Unidentified white flying object ensues… But one man making YouTube history took our obsession with shooting to a whole new level when he decided to pack a refrigerator full of explosives… and shoot it. Sometimes it pays to be lucky than smart. (H/T: Bearing Arms)

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Good Guy with a gun stops a bad guy – this time, it’s personal

by Skip June 10, 2017

People like NH State Rep Katherine Rogers don’t believe that phrase “Good guys with guns stop bad guys” should ever exist, is really just “fake news”, part of a mythology that has to be put down, and never misses an opportunity to advance the cause of killing off the Second Amendment and Article 2A here […]

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Evergreen State College Could Be Swirling the Drain (And There was Much Rejoicing)

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2017

Evergreen State College has been SJW moonbat central for the past two weeks, where the inmates have taken over the asylum. The public state college near Olympia has become a national caricature of intolerant campus liberalism in both The New York Times and Fox News. At least one professor has been harangued and classes disrupted by shouting […]

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