Thursday, May 25, 2017

Data Point – So where ARE those “streets running in blood” that Zandra Rice-Hawkins and NH Association of Chiefs of Police PROMISED us?

by Skip May 25, 2017

That would be those NH taxpayer funded guys and that girl (Exec. Dir. of that outside-the-State funded Granite State Progress).  EACH of said that if we passed SB12, Constitutional Carry and that if the Chiefs no longer had the Power to give or deny permission, all hell would break loose.  Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, […]

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They say that Progressives refuse to learn from History – California is nothing if not Progressive

by Skip May 25, 2017

The States were to be labs of Democracy where others could learn from their mistakes.  Vermont, Colorado, Kentucky, Hawaii, Tennessee; all tried variations of the vaunted end-game of Progressives – universal healthcare – for if you control that, you control people.  Sorry, am not buying the argument that all they want to do is “help” […]

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“Ring! Ring!” – Now the Stupid Party also wants to be known as “The EXTREMELY ANNOYING Party”????

by Skip May 25, 2017

It’s bad enough that politicians DO believe themselves to be above the law when they “carve out” exceptions for themselves when they lay the law down on the rest of us.  That “Do Not Call” list?  Isn’t it REALLY annoying to get them during supper? Yeah, politicians exempted themselves from it. And here in NH, the […]

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