Tuesday, May 23, 2017

And ours is the NH Association of Chiefs of Police

by Skip May 23, 2017

If you are on your local Budget Committee or help select your budgets, support our Constitutions in their entirety, and are tired of our paid government employees testifying against our Rights and our best interests, read this post.  Over at The Truth About Guns, there’s a post about some of the most hardened, ardently anti-gun/civilian […]

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It’s finally time to see somebody mention Wahhabism as a major root of Evil

by Skip May 23, 2017

That moment: when you think you’ve doing Allah’s work of Da’wah (Islamic proselytizing) and it decides to eat you first. “I think it’s time, after 50 years of the Saudis using their wealth to spread their Wahhabi radical ideology through the Madrassas, throughout the Muslim world, and thereby radicalizing people throughout the world. We’re now seeing […]

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Social Justice Movement is Just Another left Wing Cult

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2017

Courtesy of Weekend Pundit, and also linked here, is the story of Keri Smith, who recently abandoned the SJW movement and her “ideological prison.” Why? Social justice advocates show a religious-like intolerance for those with whom they disagree, which sometimes manifests itself in unbridled bouts of emotion: “I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering […]

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