Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quote Of The Day – Sergey Lavrov:
No News And No Truth In US Media!

by Mike May 21, 2017

When Americans check “Russia Today” for an alternative perspective to the garbage being fed to us by the Lamestream Media, and when the Russian Foreign Minister compares US news “sources” unfavorably to the propaganda organs of then old Soviet Union, you know the have sunk pretty darned low. From a speech by Sergey Lavrov, via […]

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Russians Getting Tired Of Dem Accusations – Troll Hillary Over Seth Rich

by Mike May 21, 2017

With more hints (can’t really call it evidence yet) this week that DNC IT staffer (and Bernie supporter) Seth Rich had been the primary source for WikiLeaks‘ revelations about the inner corruption at the DNC, the Russian Embassy in London decided it was time to remind everybody that the MSM has been too busy blaming […]

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