Sunday, March 19, 2017

But Timothy Horrigan ABSOLUTELY embraces this

by Skip March 19, 2017

– passing off your PERSONAL responsibility to help and outsource it to Government instead. And with this bit of virtue-signaling, feeling superior to everyone else. There’s no way that Timothy would do, as a FINE upstanding Socialist Progressive, as the real Good Samaritan – dig into his own pocket.  It’s too easy to put that […]

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Timothy Horrigan won’t understand this – at all

by Skip March 19, 2017

And both of our Democrat Senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie “The Red” Hassan, will be indignant that there are a lot of us believe that Government doesn’t do charity. It certainly isn’t Christian charity (a kindness from one person to another from the kindness of their heart) UPDATE: thanks to HammerNH, Carol Shea-Porter is not […]

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Indiana Voter Registration Project

by Ed Naile March 19, 2017

Here is another voter registration project by another gang of thirty-something revolutionaries trying to drag America into a socialist Utopia. This one is called The Indiana Voter Registration Project. No one knows who funds them. No one has seen a website. They had not registered with the State of Indiana when they were served with search […]

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