Day: October 4, 2016

BlogHeadline of the Day – Kettle, Pot, Black

Hillary -Who Lost $6 Billion of YOUR MONEY at State Dept- Bashes Trump for Losing $1 Billion of HIS MONEY in Business This doesn’t even rise to the “but Johnny did that!” defense. (H/T: Gateway Pundit)  

Planned Parenthood Clarifies Postion on “Access to Birth Control”

Kelly Ayotte’s campaign gave away free condoms at UNH. I joked on Twitter that, Not sure I'd trust #KellyCondoms if they are as reliable as her voting record. — Steve Mac Donald (@nhstevemacd) October 3, 2016 Planned Parenthood’s PAC has since called her a hypocrite, claiming she consistently obstructs access to birth control. They actually …

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1046 Non-Citizen Voters

I spoke to Reagan George of the Virginia Voters Alliance today about the wunderkind college student working for a Soros-funded voter registration non-profit who “on his own” registered 19 deceased people to vote. One happened to be the brother of a sitting judge so he was caught by an alert election official and is under …

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Republicans acting like hedonistic Democrats – again?

Sigh….and oy vay. No, Rudy, not EVERYONE does – not at all (reformatted, emphasis mine): Rudy Giuliani answered the charge that he faces accusations of infidelity on Sunday by saying it’s not just him. “Everybody does,” the former New York City mayor and Donald Trump supporter said. Giuliani was attacking Hillary Clinton in an interview with NBC’s …

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So now Kelly Ayotte is competing for the hook-up constituency?

Well @KellyAyotte just took campaign swag to a whole new level. #nhpolitics #nhsen — Josh McElveen (@JoshMcElveen) October 3, 2016 Traditional values, that ain’t ma’am. For a Republican candidate, to be passing out condoms seems to be rather……Progressive versus a traditional Republican one.  But, what the hay, you’ve already proved that in DC – …

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