Saturday, October 1, 2016

Obama Administration: We’re training foreigners to take American IT jobs

by Skip October 1, 2016

Yep – overseen and given guidance by Hillary Clinton’s State Department, USAID is paying for newly minted Asian IT pros to offshore more American IT jobs away.  It’s one thing to compete but who came up with this plan to tilt the board against Americans?  If I remember right, Hillary did say, after saying that she wants to […]

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GrokTV! Jim Lawrence at Fulchino Vineyard (Hollis)

by Mike October 1, 2016

Last night, GrokTV was on location at a reception for Jim Lawrence (R), candidate for NH CD2, hosted at Fulchino Vineyard in Hollis, NH. Here’s Jim’s pitch, introduced by Matt Mayberry, followed by a short Q+A: And here are two brief interviews, one with Jim Lawrence, and the other “between two Jims” as former State […]

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“Do you really have to ask?”

by Skip October 1, 2016

“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” (H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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Here’s someone that would be perfectly fine in confiscating all guns…

by Skip October 1, 2016

“If I could, I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean.  Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. They are a scourge of this country and no one should have one as far […]

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The Cloward-Piven’ing of the EU is continuing; take notice

by Skip October 1, 2016

Alternatively: proving the Libertarian idea of open borders is a recipe for disaster. Emphasis mine: The continued flow of MENA [Middle East North Africa  -Skip] migrants into Europe remains the defining factor transforming the internal political dynamic in the European Union. The more than 1.5 million people who entered the EU last year, as well […]

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Apparently we knew something the pollsters didn’t.

by Ed Naile October 1, 2016

Remember the NH Primary Election way back in September? I took a look back recently. WMUR had a poll released on August 30 that measured the candidates for governor. Here is the opening paragraph. August 30, 2016 TWO WEEKS FROM PRIMARY AND NH VOTERS ARE STILL UNFAMILIAR WITH GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES By: Andrew E. Smith, Ph.D. […]

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