Day: September 29, 2016

Senate Democrats allow NH police chiefs to continue abusing citizens

Today there was a series of votes to override some of Governor Maggie Hassan’s ridiculous vetoes against legislation passed by both the New Hampshire House and Senate. Senate Bill 336, a bill that would end abuse of New Hampshire citizens by police chiefs and other governing authorities over pistol/revolver licensing, was one of them.

The Only Good Muslim is a Bad Muslim

The Senior Editor at, John Zmirack joins me for a conversation about “refugees” from Muslim nations, the absence of persecuted Arab Christians among these relocated populations, and how the only good Muslim for American culture, is a bad Muslim. Download this Segment | Listen to the Podcast

NH Ballot Selfie Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Back in 2014, Democrat New Hampshire House Rep. Timmy Horrigan sponsored a change to election law that would make it illegal to share a picture of your completed ballot online. It passed 156 to 121 (135 Democrats and 21 Republicans favored the change), and Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan Signed it into law. The First Circuit Court of …

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If Democrats Really Wanted to Get ‘Money Out of Politics’ They’d Tax It

If Democrats REALLY wanted to get money out of politics, they’d tax it. I don’t know, let’s say 90%. Unions, candidates, so-called non-profits, anyone spending money to advocate for or against a candidate, or issue or measure, directly, indirectly, via lawyers or lobbyists, etc., etc. shall pay the tax on those expenditures. If 90% is …

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60 Seconds with John Zmirack

Senior Editor John Zmirack on PC Culture tyranny and language as a tool of state control. Listen to Podcast #160 for the complete interview or watch for her segment later today.

Disqus Doodling: The Scream vs The Sniff

Howard Dean, AKA “The Scream” made an outrageous claim about Trump during Monday’s debate: Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user? — Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) September 27, 2016 He then doubled down, garnering criticism from many quarters, including Tommy ‘Dude’ Vietor – This is not the part of the debate we should be …

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