Friday, September 16, 2016

Huffington Post Inadvertently Exposes the Pay Gap Myth

by Scott Morales September 16, 2016

I love this. The Huffington Post and raging intellect Kristen Bell inadvertently make the conservative (thus factual) case as to why looking at the “fact that women get paid 77 cents for every dollar men do” is  completely specious. (For our lefty readers, specious means on the surface something looks correct, but actually it isn’t. […]

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See “The Enemies Within” Tonight, in Nashua, NH

by Steve MacDonald September 16, 2016
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The 603 Alliance is hosting world-renowned author Trevor Loudon in Nashua for the New Hampshire Premier showing of the new film (based on his best-selling book) The Enemies Within. This will be a Hollywood-quality production. And it’s going to stick it right to the Communists and Marxists in Congress. It’s going to pull no punches and […]

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