Thursday, August 11, 2016

Serious Question, All Knocks Aside: Is Hillary’s Health Okay?

by Scott Morales August 11, 2016

Sure, I’m not a fan. I loath the women.  And I have taken shots at Hillary before. But all my disdain and contempt aside, she is a human being.  Who appears to be in trouble.  This was from a press conference where it looks like she had a mild seizure: At first I thought this […]

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‘Balsams Boondoggle’ balloons to $40 million in taxpayer-backed funding

by Kimberly Morin August 11, 2016

On Friday it was reported by New England Ski Industry that the amount of taxpayer-backed funding now being requested by Les Otten for the Balsams’ “renovation” is $40 million rather than the original $28 million. This on the heels of a report that Otten hasn’t even requested the proper permits to even begin working on […]

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