Day: May 11, 2016

Merrick Garland’s Failed Charm Offensive

Former Justice Thomas Law Clerk Carrie Severnio, from the Judicial Crisis Network, returns to talk about the Merrick Garland charm offensive, future court nominees, and current cases before SCOTUS.  

Is There Any Such Thing As A Transgender Autopsy?

So imagine if you will, a body fished from a river. The deceased is sent to the Medical Examiner, who performs an autopsy. We have a white male, …oh! Problem. What if they aren’t really…”male?” We can’t possibly know what the gender of the deceased was at the time of death.

Notable Quote – Camilla Paglia

If once, why not twice (emphasis mine)? [Today’s college students] have no sense of the great patterns of world history, the rise and fall of civilisations like Babylon and Rome that became very sexually tolerant, and then fell. If you’ve had no exposure to that, you can honestly believe that ‘There is progress all around …

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Notable Quote – Ezra Levant

“Universities are now just daycare for millennials who don’t want to grow up, whose only real purpose is to become little soldiers of political correctness and radical activists. I’m not calling for a ban on anything. Except a ban on forcing the rest of us to pay for this crap.” -Ezra Levant Problem is, we …

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