Day: May 3, 2016

Notable Quote – Plato

“Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns.” — Plato Can we teach this to the Socialists and Social Justice Warrior (punks)?

Hey! They found the stats bill!

The revised New Hampshire Senate calendar for the May 5 session shows that HB 629, the abortion statistics bill, will be up for a vote that day. I was beginning to wonder when it would turn up.

Horn Bails on Email Delegate Vote…

WMUR is reporting that NHGOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn has decided, “that in the interest of party unity and “full transparency,” the New Hampshire delegation will meet on Friday at state party headquarters to vote for delegation chairman and important posts on the convention Rules, Platform, Credentials and Permanent Organization committees.” The Email vote was already …

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Rafael Cruz Might Be Forrest Gump The Tabloid campaign against Cruz has been nothing if not…amusing. Add Ted’s father–who the Trump-Tabloid Press are now linking to the Kennedy Assassination, and it just gets better. Ted Cruz spokesman Ron Nehring isn’t waiting for another other shoe to drop; he is releasing photos of Rafael throughout history. c/o Twitchy

Are Actors the Next Big Thing in Victim Groups?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched something that included these words. Real People. Not Actors. So…if actors are not real people shouldn’t the professional left be treating them like unborn babies? #ActorsLivesMatter

All Hail Who?

“The contests don’t much matter. What really matters has already happened. In both parties, the peasants have revolted. The peasants are you and I, the poor saps who are expected to turn out in every election to put “their” party in power. Only it isn’t their party. Both parties’ elites hold the voters they depend …

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